Broken Forgiveness By: MOlly cronin

My older sister and I, Cameron were in our crowded living room, with the two bright blue couches and black furniture were cramped into the small room. Me and Cam were best friends and because of my carelessness and my four year old self being impatient, I messed it up.

You could hear our loud, childish laughter throughout our large neighborhood as we enjoyed sliding down the curved arm of the couch on the evening of a lazy Saturday. At one point, my sister was sitting on the arm of the couch, but not going down. I got impatient, the time felt as it was dragging on, with me thinking how I could be sliding down the couch and having fun instead of her wasting my time. I eventually pushed her. She will go down faster this way! I thought. I was brutally jolted out of my thoughts by a scream. I was my sister who was on the ground. She fell and started crying. My parents then rushed over to her, as she was screaming and crying as if she was going mad. The thing is, when she fell, she fell directly on top of her arm. Her arm looked very swollen and limp, so they got worried that it might be broken.

My parents then rounded up me and my older sister in terror and got in the car. We drove to the doctors and had many x-rays done. I remember sitting in a waiting room for a very long time in a very uncomfortable, hard, wooden chair. They finally got the results back of the x-rays after what felt like many hours, which most likely wasn’t the case as I was very little and easily bored. Me and my mother then went back in the room, where the doctor held up the x-ray of my sister's arm. He pointed to what looked like a small crack in her bone and stated that was where the break was. We then had to wait even longer for her to get a cast on. My sister walked out with a bright pink cast up her whole left arm. She looked scared and depressed. She had to wear it for two months, I then started to feel guilty as my sister was frustrated by the cast and how it restricted her from doing activities with friends and sports. I decided to apologize as I felt very guilty about the pain I caused my sister. However, she did not accept my apology right away, as she was very mad. Once I put myself in her shoes, I realized how horrible the situation was and how I would be mad also if it happened to me. This made me even more guilty, wanting her to grant my forgiveness even more badly. I tried to make it up to her by taking care of her, which consisted of getting her favorite stuffed animals and favorite snacks.At this point the guilt was eating away at me and I wanted forgiveness more than anything. She realized how bad I felt and eventually forgave me. I was so relieved as she finally forgave me, something I was wishing to get for days.

When I pushed my sister off a couch for my own benefit, she broke her arm and struggled to forgive me. This impacted me in a negative way and made me feel guilty and miserable. I learned to always think before what you do because if I had known that she could get hurt, I would not have pushed her. I also learned that when I don’t forgive someone, it can make them feel bad like I had, and to always take their feelings into consideration. Forgiveness is valuable and should be considered when the person learns from their mistakes.

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