Apitath Hetak A Future for us - Quality Education

Project “Apitath Hetak” Donated Books and stationaries to around 600 less fortunate students in rural parts of Sri Lanka

We chose nearly 600 students from

  1. Neriyakulam Salvatorian childrens care center
  2. Gallagoda Sri Narada Vidyalaya
  3. Heeralugedara Junior School
  4. Riloluwa Primary School
  5. Kaudumunna Maha Vidyalaya
  6. Katugampala Junior School

and donated them all the necessary books and stationaries for their 2017 academic year.

It all started with a idea of me being wanting to donate books to 50 Children with financial difficulties. So I called up my friend Harshana, the current vice president of Leo Club Of Negombo Host 306 B1 and asked for help to find 50 suitable children. Then he suggested, “Lets do this as a project and make it big scale”, thats the beginning of project “Apitath Hetak

Then I sought help from my own bother Ranal, My Manager Rajiv, and one of my good friend who likes to stay anonymous . They agreed to my idea without a single doubt. So at the end, 4 of us jointly funded big part of this project’. A very Big Thank you to that trio!

Then along the way, some of my school mates joined and some supported with funds or books and some helped us with there time and hard work. Very big thank to them too!

Then Erhan, helped us by contacting peace island college, who helped us by donating over 500 English text books to this project. Thank you Erhan and the principal of Peace Island College for the contribution.

From 50 to 600 it grew giving a joy that cannot be described…

Very huge thank to Harshana Fernando, Shashya De Silva together with other members of Leo who tremendously helped to execute this project. They worked tirelessly from finding suitable schools and coordinating, to sourcing best quality books and stationary to all the way till distributing it to the children… without all the members of Leo Club Host 306, this wouldn't have been a success… hats off to everyone who participated with their time and efforts.

Thank you for everyone else who supported with all the logistics, this including our parents

Thank you almighty god for all the blessings, strength to make this a success…

Heeralugedara Junior School

Riloluwa Primary School

Kaudumunna Maha Vidyalaya

Katugampala Junior School

Some photos from 3 Days of distribution

And this is when we get ready...

Bonus Video

We didn't forget to shoot some drone video too.. This is what we did when we had little breaks in between going to different Schools... Its really beautiful to see the rural areas of Sri Lanka!

So whats next?

We're just getting started with a new project, and its called “Home - Shelter with love”. the project aims to build at least 5 small houses to less fortunate families who dose not have a shelter of their own. All the necessary discussions started and in process of identifying suitable families. If you like to participate, help us, please do drop me a message (shenalmurray@gmail.com)… I will give you more information. Join us, I will make sure every single cent of yours will be used for worthy effort… Thank you very much…

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