Horizons-Global Academy Summer 2016 Information for teachers

Horizons Atlanta Pillars of Success

  • Rigorous, student-centered planning process
  • High -quality project based learning
  • Strategic integration of social emotional development in programs
  • Tailored site-level programs

Our Tailored Site-Level Program: Global Academy

Our Global Academy is inspired by International Baccalaureate curriculum (public feeder schools) and the Program for Global Citizenship (host school-HIES)

Our Global Academy Mission

  • Educate our students about global issues that impact the world in which we live
  • Equip them with the necessary tools to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, communicators, and caring citizens
  • Empower them to take action and make a difference



First Grade

second grade

Water and Sanitation

third grade

fourth grade

Human Rights

Human Rights

Middle school grades 5-8

How do we approach these global issue themes?

Thinking is NOT driven by answers but by QUESTIONS

Driving Questions should guide your summer instruction and be visible for students and visitors.

You should use your global issue as an orienting theme with driving questions that invite inquiry and discussion. You must work with your class to identify a problem related to the theme and create a problem statement that they are going to explore through a project.

Each class should have driving questions to guide your summer instruction.

Driving Questions should be relevant and provoke student thinking about ways they can make a difference or bring about change to the theme.

We all have problems. The way we solve them is what makes us different.

Driving Question ExamplesHow can we create and sustain PEACE within our local and global community?

How can we create PEACE and prevent conflict from happening?

How does PEACE feel? When do people not feel at peace?

How can we promote safe drinking water locally and globally?

How can we teach others about the consequences of water pollution?

How can we educate people on their human rights

If people have the right to basic need, why are these needs not being met for millions of people across the world?

One of the secrets of life is all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.-Lewis Carroll
Resources and Inspiration

Resources and inspiration


...provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas. They can expand on a thought, project, idea and interest.

The intention of provocations is to provide an invitation for a child to explore and express themselves. It should be open- ended and provide a means for expression where possible." - Reggio Emilia

Take action make the world a better place
Show and tell the world.. Make a Difference
Each class will be responsible for a Global Citizenship Action Project that connects to the grade level theme. The project must focus on at least one of the following: Awareness, Advocacy or Direct Action

What will your Global Citizenship Action Project look like this summer? How will you transform your students into problem solvers and change makers?

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it back to the world."-Pablo Picasso
Weekly Profile Focus

Weekly Profile Focus







In addition to studying the issue theme, each week, as a program, we will highlight a different IB learner trait. Teach students how they can work on their global problem by embracing each of the following character traits. The traits will connect us all as a Global Academy and be used during morning assemblies and afternoon recognitions (example: your recognition's for that week will go to students who displayed that character trait and how)

Summer Schedule

Daily Schedule

Non Swim Day Schedule

Breakfast and Morning Assembly

Classroom Provocation (LS)- Advisory(MS)

Academic Morning Block (literacy, math, STEM)

The global theme should inform and infuse the work that you do in the academic blocks. Your method of delivery should be PBL throughout to the extent possible.


Dance-Art-Recess/PE *MS students will have choice in these areas

Global Citizenship Project Planning and Inquiry

D.E.A.R- (Drop Everything And Read)

Afternoon Assembly Recognitions and Snack

swim day schedule

Monday and Wednesday (K-2, & 7-8) ONLY

Tuesday and Thursday (Grades 3-6) ONLY

When you return from swimming you can work on your Global Citizenship Projects and D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)

Assembly Afternoon Recognition



Lesson Plans

Lesson plans will be due weekly for the upcoming week. They will be reviewed by Vera Woods (LS) and Antonio Grant (MS) you will potentially receive feedback or ideas. Plans should reflect the CORE subjects that will be reinforced throughout the summer (literacy, math, STEM - can include grammar, writing, phonics, phonemic awareness fluency - use your individual student data to drive instruction and small groups). The global issue theme should also drive instruction and lesson plans. You may use your own lesson plan format but be consistent.

Lesson Plan Due Dates

• Week 1: Monday, June 6

• Week 2: Thursday, June 9

• Week 3: Thursday, June 16

• Week 4: Thursday, June 23

• Week 5: Thursday, June 30

• Week 6: Thursday, July 7


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