We believe if you work together we can do more. More hands make light work so we have more time to ourselves and to relax. We do believe in working because that helps you know the difference between earning/working for something then just receiving. We hope that people that come here have the perfect balance or work, play and relaxing.

where this utopia will be Located-the bahamas, we wanted somewhere that after people were done with there work they had a nice place to relax and stuff to do all the time.

daily schedule

  • 9-11 am is wake up time and time to eat breakfest
  • 12 am is when school starts/you go to work
  • 1:30 pm is when the community has lunch
  • 3 pm school ends
  • 3:30-5 pm freetime
  • 5 pm dinner
  • 6-9:30 pm more freetime
  • 9-10:30 pm relax time at home
  • 10:45 pm lights out
Our government is a Democracy. That means if you live here you have the right to vote. You have the right to make your voice heard, and try to make the community better. We want everyone to work and vote together to elect our leaders and hope to keep improving and getting better.


-No killing, no stealing, no lying. -If you see someone in need, help them. -Treat other how you want to be treated. -Always help the community in the designated time and work hard. -You need to always have a positive attitude. -Never swear. -Have fun on the beach. -Be on time for lunch and dinner, but you don't have to be on time for school. -No homework or grades for school. -Work hard, Play hard, Relax harder


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