"Fordham University" 2020 Total Impact Portfolio Challenge Winner

Fordham’s commitment to the Jesuit principal of “Cura Personalis”, care for the whole person, shapes it consistent perspective that business can be a force for good and that students can find purpose in work shaping a just and sustainable world. In the study of finance, Fordham embraced the growing body of evidence supporting that one can achieve the twin objectives of measurable social/environmental impact and acceptable/market financial returns and offered the study of Impact Investing, commencing last year. The class was taught by educator/impact investing practitioner, Peter Lupoff. Participation in last year’s Wharton Total Impact Investing Challenge was the culmination of the year’s efforts and the Fordham Gabelli team was awarded 2nd Place in the Finals. This year, Professor Randy Strickland led the class, himself an educator/impact investor as well, with Peter Lupoff remaining a supporting Fellow. The Class size more than doubled and a Fordham Gabelli team working together with the Social Innovation Collaboratory, won the Total Impact Portfolio Challenge, beating 58 teams from some of the best-renowned university programs!

Fordham and its scholastic offerings are tracking the direction of investing markets and migration toward responsible business and investing. It matches the objectives of our students, their future and current employers and in harmony with care for the whole person - our student community, the organizations they will help shape and the global community who can benefit from a more just and sustainable world.

We are pleased with our successes in the Total Impact Portfolio Challenge. It is no fluke that we’ve continued to be competitive. Fordham is committed to equipping its emerging leaders to participate in the inexorable move to social justice and sustainability. We are excited for what this direction holds for the future of our students, Fordham University and its impact.