hello, this is seas mtns co

and welcome...

This guide is here to walk you through getting to know Seas Mtns Co and what it'll look like to have us with you on your wedding day. We know this whole getting married thing can be a lot, we're here to make it easy breezy lemon squeezy.

This guide is thorough — which means long! It should answer most, if not all questions you have. If at the end of this guide, you have more questions — feel free to reach out to our team at theteam@seasmtns.co and we will have a response for you Monday to Friday from 9-4PM EST.

We are based in Southern Vermont, snow-birding in New Orleans and Florida come November, and spending most of our summer out on Block Island. We love travel, and are game for any location in the US. If you're looking to take us internationally, we're totally not opposed, just would love to chat about what our options are.

The Team at Seas Mtns Co is made up of a diverse group of photographers and videographers in the New England area. Between the six of us, we have shot over 500+ weddings in the past few years. We're a small, dedicated team — we don't contract other creatives outside of our six staff members.

I, Eli, founded Seas Mtns Co in 2019 after working for other photography and videography companies. Taking all the best ingredients from every experience, I put together our team over the past year and am so excited as we continue to gain popularity, and prestige. We've been published online and in print (you'll find us all over Betrothed Magazine and How They Asked), and have photographed clients in over 15 states with many more to come.

Before we go any further, just a quick note... We are an inclusive, anti-racist business and are welcome of all races, genders, sexualities, and religions.

Services We Offer...

Now that the air is cleared, let's get down to business. You've come to find either a wedding photography, videography, or photo-booth team, or you just might need all three. That's what we are, and what we do.

For both photography and videography, we offer all-day packages (not hourly) with the option to have additional shooters, assistants, a photo-booth, boudoir and wedding portrait sessions, and albums. All of our packages do include a complimentary engagement session (valued at $475 for two hours + 25 digital images, and $250 fee for the entire gallery) so we can get to know you better.

To make things easy for our clients, we give you a Custom Quote that outlines a few options that might be just right for your wedding day. We include travel fees within New England year-round, and during the winter, New Orleans, and Florida. All of our photography packages do include printing rights.

Although we specialize in weekend-long destination weddings, we do offer shorter services for back yard weddings, and even short elopements. If you are considering eloping somewhere epic, please don't hesitate to reach out — hiking mountain summits and jumping in ocean water is a regular habit around here.

Photography Packages always include an online, fully edited gallery of the best images from your day. We can use both digital and film cameras on your wedding day and while the digital gallery will be delivered within 2 weeks of your day, the film sometimes takes a little longer to develop and will be in uploaded within 3 weeks of your day.

film photography...

Available as an add-on by format, we also shoot both 35mm and medium format film. Using film during your engagement shoot or wedding day creates family heirlooms, art that can be passed on from generation to generation.

35mm is a smaller film size, and easier to use. It tends to be less grainy, and have less unique defects, while the 35mm that we use is a little more unique.

Both film is only available in black & white and is something that I actually process myself. On Wednesdays after wedding weekends, I take film to the dark room to develop and scan. Because of this it can take up to a month to deliver any film images.

Video packages can include 3 different types of videos: the "OMG WE JUST GOT MARRIED 30-second teaser is delivered within 24 hours of your day, while the 3-4 minute highlight video (includes all the important moments so folks who couldn't be there can get a taste of your day) is delivered within 2 weeks, and a ceremony cut (that snuggle up on Friday night to watch your wedding ceremony version) is delivered within a month.

Super 8mm films have become super popular, and we're really excited to offer Super 8mm films in 2021. Super 8mm is the old school nostalgic film that we used to film our family home videos at home. Super 8mm is a true film film — it's shot on 8mm negative cartridges, developed and scanned into digital files.

We do also offer a photo-booth, steamy sessions, and boudoir sessions to our wedding clients. The photo-booth is a stand alone booth that offers GIF, Boomerangs, Short Videos, and Pictures to your guests who can AirDrop or text the content to themselves to post immediately on social media. The booth is an open-air booth and works well with a typical backdrop, or unique architecture from your venue, a flower/grass wall, or an epic ocean or mountain view. For destination weddings, we can fly to you with the photo-booth and set it up for each part of your wedding weekend.

What happens next?...

If you have more questions, we can certainly go over them in a short consult call (just click here to schedule) or we can chat over email.

You'll receive a quote with a few options for you that will provide you with the services to make the expectations for your wedding photos and videos a reality.

If you like what you see, go ahead and book with us — if you have more questions or there's a few things we could tweak, let's chat and make sure your package is perfect for you.

We're on board, what happens after we book?

Before we head into all the details about your wedding day, we plan that engagement session. Engagement sessions for both photo and video packages are complimentary and include a two hour session.

We like to describe engagement sessions as a date with a third wheel. A member of the team will join you for two hours to get to know you, your love, and your wedding day. You might take a team member boating, or go for a sunrise hike — it's up to you. Whatever represents a bit of your love story that your friends and family can get to know before your wedding day, that's what we should focus on during your engagement session.

If you book video services with us, you'll receive a short save the date video. Both the photo gallery and the video will be sent to you a week after your session.

After we get the engagement session, then what?

If you're sending out invites and Save the Dates, use your engagement photos! You have a print release for this exact reason. We can also provide you with heirloom albums (perfect for a guest book) for your family to treasure for generations to come.

When you receive your gallery, share it with friends and family. Your community can also download images perfect for Instagram and Facebook to share that you're getting married! Your vendors will also receive images and videos perfect for social media a month after you do.

After that, we begin putting together what your day with us will look like...

the time before your wedding day...

Before your wedding day, we'll chat about your timeline and help you or your planning team navigate the timeline to make sure you can get the best portraits during your day while still maximizing your time with your guests.

During the months leading up to your wedding day, we'll also go over what details of your day you want captured, who will be a part of formal portraits, and what music you want for your video. You might have a few other things that we can't wait to discuss like private vows, letters to one another, first looks, or community covenants.

If your day is going to include a hike, or another adventure (always include boats when possible), we'll go over the specifics about 2 months before your day, with back up plans for inclement weather.

This is also a great time to consider adding photo or video coverage for wedding showers, dress fittings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, the rehearsal dinner, and any other events around your wedding day. You can also add on a photo-booth, or additional shooters.

it's time to party...

On your wedding day, we typically arrive when hair and makeup does. At that point, we'll take as many pictures and video of the venue and any details that are important to you. After that, we'll make sure to capture all those tender moments while you get ready — from that first moment you're touching your wedding attire to the first reveal of you all put together with your friends and family.

During your wedding day, we are there to foster vulnerability and authenticity. It's important that you do you and we'll help you feel at ease throughout the day. Coming prepared, acting as a calming force when you need it, but also hyping you up when you need it, and focusing on the best ways to make your wedding day super special are so important to us. This is how we are able to capture all those real, tender moments that still make us cry.

We create multiple copies of your content immediately, backing your day up on our server and into the cloud to ensure you're covered. We use state of the art gear, mirrorless for the win, along with reliable film cameras, and a bunch of other toys and gadgets.

By the end of the night, we'll text you a few treasured images for you to share on social media and with friends and family, with a sneak peak gallery soon to come after that. Within two weeks of your day, your images and highlight video will be uploaded and emailed out to you to enjoy, and share.

After the wedding day...

Within two weeks of your wedding day, you'll find an email with your gallery information and your highlight video. At this point you'll also receive an email about how to order prints and albums through our labs.

Before you order your album, go into your gallery and mark the images you would like in your album as "Favorites." When you order an album, you'll receive the design draft shortly after ordering. We use an heirloom album company that also provides design services. If you love the draft, just let us know, if not we can send it back to be re-designed. After that the album will be submitted for production and it'll ship about 2-3 weeks after that to your door.

Often our wedding clients will come back to us for anniversary, maternity, and family sessions. We love seeing folks grow and couldn't be happier to celebrate more family milestones to come.

We appreciate the time you took to read through this all — if you would love to schedule a consult, feel free to click the button below. If you're ready to book, just shoot us an email at theteam@seasmtns.co and we'll get a quote right to you.