..this journey started in 1998 with a poem and a self portrait titled: 'E Diurne Notti'

DeMí (Gianluca DeMichele) born in Italy 1980, is a multidisciplinary visual artist, lyricist, music producer and songwriter. Raised in Rome and Monopoli (IT), his childhood is characterised by the frequent moving between the ancient capital famous for its heritage, hometown of his father and the naturalistic and calming scenery of his mother's hometown in coastal Puglia. Frequent travel and growing up in these disparate settings as a child inform and inspire his work; past and in on-going projects. At the beginning of 2009 he moves to London, UK. Informed by academic background in Natural Sciences, Philosophy and Electronic Engineering his self-taught skills as a painter continued to grow from his childhood fascination in Esoteric Sciences, Mysticism, Alchemy and the Spirit Realms. An abstract self-portrait titled 'E Diurne Notti' , inspired by a poem written and then painted at the age of 17 marks his first questioning of the human experience on Earth, the dilemma of the ego, the wandering mind, the 'who am I' and 'where do I come from’. It was on a snowy day of February 1998 when DeMí channeled the instructions to paint his first work and that day marks his initiation into the visual Arts.






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'ELIXIR' 122 x 91 x 2 cm oil and acrylics on canvas [2021]
'HUMMING BIRD SONATA No. XI' 20 x 30 cm mixed media on canvas [2021]
'HUMMING BIRDS SONATA No.X' 50 x 50 cm oil and pigments on canvas [2021]
'HUMMING BIRDS SONATA No. IX' 20 x 30 cm mixed media on canvas [2021]
'MEGAN' 30 x 42 cm watercolours, ball point pen, acrylic on 300gsm paper [2020]
'PILLARS OF CREATION No.1' 42 x 30 cm watercolours, bio-glitter and acrylic on 300gsm paper [2020]
'MAYA'S MOON SONATA' 30 cm ø acrylic, pigment, bio-glitter and crystals on canvas [2020]
'LAURA's MOON' 66 cm ø acrylic, pigment, bio-glitter and crystals on canvas [2020]
'WHY DON'T YOU PAINT THE SUN SOMETIMES' 115 x 95.5 cm oil, acrylic and gold pigment on canvas [2020]
'UNIT-Y' 90 cm ø recycled wood installation mounted on warehouse brick wall [2020]
'EVER SO PATIENTLY' 30 x 42 cm watercolours on 300gsm paper [2019]
'HUNTER's MOON' 94 cm ø mixed media on recycled canvas [2019]
HUMMING BIRDS SONATA No. II 120 x 120 cm oil on recycled canvas [2019]
'AGE OF AQUARIUS MANDALA' 111 cm ø watercolours on 400gsm indian cold pressed paper [2019]
'QUANTUM GANESH' 78 x 78 cm oil, acrylic, gold pen, gold leaf on recycled canvas [2018]
'GALA's MOON' 30 x 30 cm Bio-glitter and spray paint on canvas [2017]
'LAUREN's MOON' 25cm ø Bio-glitter and spray paint on canvas board [2018]
'NICK's MOON' 25cm ø mixed media on canvas board [2018]
'ALISON's MOON' 20 x 20 cm mixed media on canvas [2017]
'MEDITATION MOON' 90cm ø mixed media on wooden panel [2014]
'NAIMA' 70 x 100 cm oil pastels, acrylic, glitter on canvas [2012]
'HANNAH' 70 x 100 cm oil pastels, acrylic, glitter on canvas [2012]
'CITY STARGAZER' 244 x 122 cm acrylic on recycled PVC panel mounted on wood [2012]
'THE RAVEN's PERCEPTION' 244 x 122 cm acrylic on recycled PVC panel mounted on wood [2011]
'MOON PHASES' 30x30x4cm glow in the dark, signed and numbered from 2011 [Lim. Ed. of 100/11 sold so far]
Plant Triptych
Self Portrait 'E Diurne Notti' Tempera on paper [1998]


GROUP - OMEGA HUB Group Show, Fish Island, London 16-17 Nov 2019

GROUP - MANTRA III Re:Connect @ Boiler House, Brick Lane, London 12 Oct 2019

GROUP - HACKNEY WICKED 2019 Artists Open Studio, London 26th-27th-28th July 2019

GROUP - 'MANTRA II' Studio 92-94, Hackney Wick LDN 23 March 2019

GROUP - 'Woodland Studios 1st Exhibition' Hackney Wick LDN 6th April 2019

GROUP - 'MANTRA' Stour Space London November 2018

GROUP - 'Flesh' Espacio Gallery, London 2014

SOLO - ‘N-ooM’ - Stoke Newington Studios, London 2014

GROUP - 'Stripped' Stoke Newington Studios, London 2014

GROUP - 'Showcase Cities' Richmix, London Jan 2011, May 2012

SOLO - ‘Are These Golden Years’ – Balik Art, London 2011

GROUP - 'Mentelocale', Italy 2008

GROUP - 'Fac–Simile', Italy 2008

DUET - ‘4 Days Show (DeMí + MattaM)' - Italy 2007

SOLO - ‘Lunar Influence’ - Pro loco, Italy 2007

GROUP - 'Albalumen', Italy 2006

SOLO - ‘Confini Ricavati’ - Artes, Italy 2003

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