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Hello! I am Jason Helton, for those who do not know already. I am 26 years old and consider myself a jack of all trades. This will be my second semester at JSRCC, so I am definitely still "fresh" when it comes to being a diligent student and completing assignments on time. There are many hobbies I could list, however the simplest explanation is that I am at a very strange place in my life. Many developments over the last decade have changed the values I place on things in my life. I enjoy music, art, physical activity, work, family bonding, and so forth. All of these things eventually bring me around to an explanation of why I am pursuing higher education eight years after high school.

The birth of my child caused me to do some deep inner exploring, and appreciate the time I have here on this Earth. It has not been an easy road in any way shape or form. With that being said, I am extremely happy and optimistic of the opportunities that are to come with a new outlook. Currently I am pursuing an Associate's degree in Business Administration, however there is a very special place in my heart for computers, art, and ultimately the building blocks of computer programming. It's amazing how communication has been revolutionized through Information Technology, and it's something I am passionate about. Below is a link to a website I began working on this past week for fun, so feel free to look around and get to know a little more about me and favorite things!

"Professor L. Andrews -Information Technology Class at Reynolds Community College. January 12, 2019"
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