The Netherlands: Art By: nancy bou sleiman


Dutch art describes the history of visual arts in the Netherlands.

The history of Dutch art is dominated by the Dutch Golden Age painting, mostly of about 1620-1680, when a very distinct style and new types of painting were developed, though still keeping close links with Flemish Baroque painting. After the end of the Golden Age, production of paintings remained high, but ceased to influence the rest of Europe as strongly

Golden age

Dutch Golden Age painting was among the most acclaimed in the world at the time, during the seventeenth century. There was an enormous output of painting, so much so that prices declined seriously during the period. From the 1620s, Dutch painting broke decisively from the Baroque style typified by Rubens in neighboring Flanders into a more realistic style of depiction, very much concerned with the real world.

Here are some examples of how Netherlands pictures look like

Here are some graffiti art from the Netherlands

Dutch Artist: Johannes Vermeer

Thank you for watching and I hope u liked my presentation of Dutch art


Created with images by FaceMePLS - "Jean Brusselmans" • Martin Beek - "Quinten Massijs "Quentin Matsys" St Christopher" • kaltimbiss - "bike flowers locomotion" • PublicDomainPictures - "history culture tradition" • jinterwas - "A sun (parakeet) 's kiss" • Dutch Abstract Expressionism painting, Nederlands - "2007 / 2014 - 'Beauty & Truth 3', a later digital re-painting of my visual response in watercolor painting for making a free art-print - a visual eaction on Schillers 'Letters Upon The Aesthetic Education of Man' 1. Fons Heijnsbroek" • FaceMePLS - "Heringa & van Kalsbeek" • Piano Piano! - "Graffiti Doornroosje Nijmegen" • FaceMePLS - "Grafitti Langestraat Groningen" • Piano Piano! - "Graffiti Gelderlander Nijmegen" • Piano Piano! - "Old School Graffiti Art Eindhoven" • *_* - "Skeletons taking a selfie @ Street art @ Walk along the Amstel canal @ Amsterdam" • FaceMePLS - "Mural Eindhoven" • Piano Piano! - "Eindhoven Berenkuil"

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