Test Taking Strategies By:Lauren Blanch

  • Try your best on test
  • If you don't do well the first you can learn from your mistakes and do better next time
  • Don't get distressed
No Distressed
  • say positive things
  • Pump yourself up for the best
Make Someone Laugh
  • Pace yourself don't rush
  • Take your time on a test/quiz
Time Is On Your Side
  • Go back and check your answers
  • Answer any questions you haven't answered
Question? Answer it
  • Circle or underline key info
  • Underline the question you need to answer
  • Go to bed early yo get a goodnight sleep
  • Get to class on time
  • study your hardest
Get to bed
  • Narrow down your answers
  • Cross out answers you know are wrong
What is Wrong
  • Find the one that fits the choice
  • Remember to read through all of the answers choices before selecting one
One right Answer
  • Pay attention in class
  • Stay after school if you need help
Your Teacher Will help you
  • Try studying useing online things like
  • Use Kahoot, Quizlet, Quizlet Live
Try it online

YOu are have a test COMING up what should you do?

  1. Don't study and wait it out
  2. Freek out once you get into school late
  3. Don't look over the question on the test
  4. Make a study guide and practice in different ways

Answer: #4.

Ana is about to take a test and she studied the day before.Her teacher asked her how she STUDIED can you help her to tell the teacher the ways she STUDIED?

If need help look at the slides above

Created By
Lauren Blanch


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