The Reconquista GLOBAL 1 PROJECT

The Reconquista- meaning reconquest in English- was a long series of wars and battles lasting from 718 to 1492

At this time Spain was broken into individual kingdoms. These kingdoms were soon meet up Muslim forces from the north. They invaded Spain in a few years Spain was under Muslim Control. Thus under Muslim rule Spain prospered during this time period. Even experienced religious tolerance, even the Jews were experiencing a golden age in Spain

The main countries involved in this important event in the Middle Ages are Spain and Portugal. The two countries ,united at the time, fought reconquered-hence the name- the lands that were controlled by the Muslim people

This is is a picture that depicts one of the many battles fought over this time period. The main reason behind The Reconquista was to end Muslim rule in the Iberian peninsula. Thus putting the Christians in control of the Iberian peninsula. In would take Christian forces more than 700 years to take back the Iberian peninsula

Ultimately the unification of Spain from the marriage King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella brought enough power to finally take over Grenada, ending the Reconquista and Christian forces taking back the Iberian Peninsula

Like The Crusades, The Reconquista was also considered a holy war

The Reconquista was a brutal conflict fueled in part by devotion to Christianity, profit, and land. In the Muslin ruled Iberia Christian's and Jews enjoyed their freedom. While in the north of the rulers there thought other wise. Believing that the unity of their Christian beliefs can set them apart from the Muslim ruled south. Thus fueling the many men that fought in war showing off their superiority, even enslaving the conquered. Though both sides experience their own for power internally, such as fighting one another and causing civil war.

the beginning of The Reconquista is dated back to 718 when Christian forces from the north led by Don Pelayo fought against the Moors at the Battle of Covadonga


timeline of important dates and events

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