Climate change is human made

Climate change is a change is Earth's temperature, and all this pollution the from humans is causinging it to get hotter and Green house gasses is pollution in the air that traps heat from solar radiation and more pollution then more co2 in the atmosphere. From 1880 to 2012 the temperature has risen roughly 0.85 Degrese, some of the main contributors are to green house gasses are burning oil/fuel, Agriculture and transportation. The increase of green house gasses causes the earth to warm. Greenhouse gasses aren't the only contributors to climate change there is also deforestation.

Forests clean the air but when forests in Brazil and Bali are getting cut down it leaves more co2 in the air which also contributes to climate change. Trees take our co2 that we breath out and filter it and turn it into fresh oxygen, the Amazon provides 20% of the worlds oxygen alone and 1/5 of earths fresh water in the Amazon basin. Some of the main reasons of deforestation is palm oil plantations, urbanisation and illegal loggers. Trees aren't the producers of oxygen 70% of the Earths comes from marine pants but a lot of marine places in the world are under threat as well. The decrease in in rain forest around the world increaces the green house effect and climate change. Deforestation is a big contributor to climate change but so is burning fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are gasses, coal and fuel when burned co2 is released onto the air. When you burn fossil fuels co2 one of the main by products, when you burn one gallon of fuel 19.64 pounds of co2 about the weight of a toddler is released into the air. With deforestation happening and and all these fossil fuels being burnt the amount of co2 will be too much for the trees to clean, climate change will increase. Therefore if we keep burning fossil fuels, if we keep polluting and keep on cutting down our rain forests and climate change will increase.

All theses world problems contribute to the climate change and humans are the cause, if all of us don't live more efficiently like using electric cars, walking and riding we will have a big problem.

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