Artists in Residence 2020 so far...

Our year so far...

Schools, artists, supporters and friends of AiR, what a tremendous year we are having.

AiR has supported 20 extraordinary and individualised projects with schools so far this year, across an eclectic range of art forms - from music to dance, to drama to art.

It has been a wonderful journey. Since 2018 we have inspired and directly engaged with over 2000 students and their school communities.

Below is a small collection of just some of the residencies that have been completed this year.

Andrew Hammond at Eastbury CS

Author and illustrator Andrew Hammond worked with the students of Eastbury Community School on comic book writing and illustration.

"It is a great initiative that should be used by as many schools as possible."
"The Teachers involved have learnt a lot from the artist and look forward to implementing what they have learnt."

Sarah Pimenta at De Beauvoir Primary

The students of De Beauvoir Primary worked with Sarah to produce a large banner to be hung in the school. The students used various painting and printing techniques to produce a piece which featured their school values.

"Children were so engrossed by the project and couldn't wait to share their art."

Maria Ferguson at Alperton CS

Actress and Poet, Maria Ferguson worked on poetry techniques with Year 8 students at Alperton Community School.

"We loved having Maria in. She helped the students with their subject knowledge and deepened their insight and grasp of poetry."

Alistair Lambert at Tufnell Park Primary

Alistair Lambert worked with the students of Tufnell Park Primary to produce a large hanging mobile with fish made from recycled materials

"This is a wonderful programme and we feel very lucky to have been able to work with you and your team."

Alexander Newley at Preston Park Primary

Fine artist Alexander Newley worked with the students of Preston Park Primary to develop their portrait painting techniques.

"The children cited working with a professional artist made them feel special."
"It reminds all stakeholders that art can be pursued as a viable career."

Story Drawing Club at Swiss Cottage School

Story drawing club worked with Swiss Cottage School, Development and Research Centre to run story writing and illustration workshops. Pictured are the students taking part in a story writing workshop. The students stories and illustrations have been turned into beautiful printed books.

Mark Wallinger at Acland Burghley

Mark Wallinger has been working with the students of Acland Burghley as they prepare to cover a local bridge in art. They have developed their concepts around the idea of the bridge bridging the community. They hope to begin covering the bridge in the new term.

"Having an artist in residence as celebrated as Mark provides an incredible example of the accessibility of art and creativity as a career choice."

Michael Attenborough at Featherstone High

Michael lives and breathes Shakespeare and has brought performances to some of the world's biggest stages. He shared his knowledge of Macbeth and Othello to the students of Featherstone High as they worked though the text in energy-filled workshops.

Sarah Pimenta at Kenton School

The students of Kenton School worked with Sarah to produce a large banner to be hung in the school entrance. The students used various painting and printing techniques to produce an environmental themed piece which would be shared with a partner school in China.

"We couldn't have wished for a better collaboration. Screen printing was an area on our department improvement plan we wanted to improve our delivery of and upskill staff this year and this workshop has helped us considerably."

Alistair Lambert at Highgate Wood School

Alistair Lambert worked with a group of students at Highgate Wood School to produce a giant fish skeleton for their science block. The students drilled, screwed and painted the large piece before building a frame to hang it within.

To be a part of the programme please head to our website: artistsinresidence.org.uk


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