ADAM HOLT AND NICOLE ARCHAMBEAULT #538 and 2013 sweetheart

Frater Adam pledged the Mu Nu Chapter with the Gamma Kappa pledge class in Fall 2008. He graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice in December 2014. Nicole was voted as our chapter Sweetheart in 2013. She also graduated with a Criminal Justice degree in May 2014. Adam and Nicole met at the TKE house in fall 2008 during their freshman year when Adam was beginning the pledging process. They now live in Somerset, Wisconsin and just got engaged in January!

Did you both move to Somerset after graduation?

We lived in Madison before making the move up to Somerset in 2018. I (Nicole) received a great career opportunity in Minnesota with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Adam came up later after our lease was up. Adam grew up near the Twin Cities on the Wisconsin side so we are able to stay with his family for the time being.

Since 2014, what life experiences are most memorable for the two of you?

We recently got engaged; that was pretty amazing!! Adam made it so special by taking me to the Ice Castle in Minnesota. We also think that our first apartment in Waunakee, WI was very memorable. Up until that moment we lived with roommates. It was actually our place! We got to decorate it the way we wanted it, complete with a Star Wars themed bathroom.

Imagine that you get permission to take something from the set of a Star Wars movie. What do you choose?

Nicole: I would want Mace Windu's light saber. He is played by Samuel L. Jackson. It is the only purple light saber in Star Wars. He requested the color as a favor and so he could be easily found in fight scenes. It's one of the only things George Lucus budged on in the movies.

Adam: I would take the Death Star. The miniature layout that they used to do the flight scenes in Episode 4.

Which Star Wars character do you identify most with and why?

Nicole - Ewoks, Cuddly but ferocious.

Adam - Darth Maul, he's evil but misunderstood.

Back to TKE, how do you feel that the chapter welcomed you when you first went there?

Nicole - When I first came to TKE, the members of the chapter were great!! Very inviting. I met some great people that night and it made me want to come back. Despite any rumors floating around campus, this was the place I felt comfortable.

Adam- I feel it was very welcoming when I joined. I went to high school with both Nuge and Tazz. So, I got to meet a lot of the guys during the summer before school started.

Can you describe the feeling when you were voted as the Chapter Sweetheart? Or for Adam, when you earned your TKE letters?

Nicole - I felt joyous and like it was validation that I was being recognized for all the potlucks, T-shirt ideas, homework help, being a shoulder to lean on, etc. I don't think anyone can truly understand (other than those that are Sweetheart) how much it does mean to us.

Adam- It's not a feeling I can describe, but pledging was the best thing I never want to do again.

Now that you are engaged, what are some of the things that you look forward to in your future together?

Honestly, nothing really changed in our plans once we got engaged. We are looking forward to buying a house, having some fur babies (still trying to convince Adam I am in need of a Corgi!!), maybe have some human babies and just growing old together. We are each others' rocks and have been for so long. Engagement didn't change much for us, we always knew we would be together, married or not.

Fur babies are a must! Why do you prefer a Corgi over other breeds?

I just really like the breed. They are super cute and their butt jiggles when they walk which makes me laugh. Adam wants a pitbull because he grew up with them when he was younger. I always joke with him that he is going to get this big pittie and my small Corgi is going to be the dominant dog.

Did you have any idea that Adam was going to propose to you?

I didn't really think about it much. I wanted to go to the Ice Castles since last year when I saw them being constructed in Stillwater. So I put makeup on and made sure to look semi nice, so that we could take pictures. Not knowing that he was going to pop the question.

For those who don't know, what is the Ice Castle?

It is basically a huge outdoor structure made out of ice. It's like the movie Frozen in real life. There is lighting throughout and ice slides! It's pretty cool. They have one in Lake Geneva, WI this year too.

Adam, when did you know that you were going to propose to Nicole?

I'm not sure when I knew, but it was a long time ago for sure. Maybe around year 2 or 3 of us dating. I'm sure some of my pledge brothers and other friends would say they knew before I did. I wasn't really that nervous until we took the first photo before I got down on my knee. She decided to stand on the side that I had the ring box in. When we got close, she definitely bumped into it. Then I got a little nervous that I had ruined the surprise, and she would know.


  1. Cat or dog? Adam: Dog, Nicole: Cat
  2. R2-D2 or C-3PO? Adam: R2-D2, Nicole: R2-D2
  3. Sun or snow? Adam: Hmmm...can I hate both?, Nicole: Sun
  4. Vikings or Bears? Adam: always Vikings, Nicole: Bears
  5. Almonds or cashews? Adam: Almonds, Nicole: Cashews
  6. Alien or Predator? Adam: Alien, Nicole: Alien
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Nicole Archambeault and Adam Holt

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