Queena is like a sister

On August 8, 2017, I went to America and started my new studying life. When I applied and got offered to come to Macon, I knew I would live with a host family. What makes me most excited was that I would have a new ''mom'' and roommate. Her name was Queena.

I arrived at my host family home about a week earlier than she did. So, when I saw her, I was excited and nervous. I was looking forward the new family member because I don’t have siblings and felt loneliness. I hoped that I could have a brother or sister. When she came in, my first impression for her was the girl is taller than me and her smile was so sweet.

“Hi! I’m Daisy. Nice to meet you!” I said.

“Hi Daisy! I’m Queena. Nice to meet you too!”

After few hours, we started a conversation. From the conversation, I knew she had lived in Fuzhou that is far from my hometown, Beijing. Queena, like me, is the only child in the family. So, we have same feeling and cherish this opportunity that we can live together for three years. Although we came different places in China, we lived together now. Although we have different habits, we are constantly integrating into each other’s habits.

Soon we became the best of friends. We rely on each other and tell each other about our unhappy things or some experiences. Actually, we always speak Chinese after class or school.

We attended Stratford in our sophomore year, this was my first time studying in America. So, I have a lot of things I needed to learn because of the difference of culture between America and China. At the beginning of school year, I didn’t speak English very well and I am weak in listening. Queena always helped me to improve my English. Also, my classmates and teachers have been willing to help me.

What impressed me most about Queena was she said that she would be lonely without me. And I realized she’s right because I can’t leave her. She’s like my spiritual support. When I was sad or have something bad in studying, Queena always heals me with her sweet smile, she will work with me to solve my studying problems, even she will share her learning experience with me. Actually, we often help each other, both in life and in study.

Now I have lived with her about a year, and we know each other better than before. Over the past year, we have had many unforgettable moments, such as we are playing in the band, join in the Key Club, and volunteer. What impressed me most is that she helped me when my back was hurt. Because I have been carrying a heavy bag for a long time, resulting in the back being unable to load. During that time, Queena took good care of me. I missed a week’s lesson because of the pain in my back. So, she lent her notes to me and explained the difficulties to me every day. I’m very grateful to her. And I will never forget this experience.

Although we came from different place of China, I’m so glad that Queena and I become best friend and live together. She is like my sister, with her, I can feel the warmth of home. I’m so lucky that we can meet in the crowd.

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