Celebrating Canada By: Arun Sunda

Having a Clean Environment

Having a clean environment is very important because that is where humans live and grow up. If the environment is dirty and not cleaned there would be a lot of diseases from the feces and garbage on the streets. If the environment is dirty we wont be able to grow crops because the soil wont be good and the crops would not grow properly because of all the pollution and diseases in the environment. If the environment isn't cleaned on a regular basis there would be dangerous infections and diseases in the air and having a dirty environment could lead to very dangerous situations.

Now having a clean environment is important to me because a lot of countries have this problem where the environment is too dirty and it has caused people to get really sick and catch diseases or infections that could possibly kill them. And many countries are getting to a state where the people have to be careful when they go out because their environment is getting too dirty. If our environment is getting very dirty now our next generation will be having a lot of issues with health and crops.

Free Education

Free education is very important thing for kids. Every child has a right to free education. Some family's may not have the money to put towards their children's education and that could stop the child from being educated. If children aren't educated then they wont know anything and not having enough money shouldn't be a reason on why a child can't be educated.

A lot of countries around the world have a system were the parents would have to pay the government so their child could go to school and get educated and that shouldn't be a reason on why their child cannot be educated. Education is something a person needs and everyone deserves to be educated.

Free Health

A free health system is very important because some patience may have a life threatening situation but may not have the money to save themselves. Just like having a free education system we should also have a free health system because everyone may not be able to pay off the bill for having a broken arm or having a baby or something. In America it costs around 10-50 thousand dollars plus buying baby products and help raising the baby. Some people may not have that much money to just have their child born safely and properly they may want to use that 10-50 thousand dollars towards buying baby products or things for the baby.

Free health care is something that should be in every country and Canada has free health care which is very important because everyone needs free health care and everyone may not always have the money to pay for just a regular check up.

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