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The Co F.A.B. Lab provides training and consultancy services that provide innovative approaches to Business Models which has a focus on human-centered outcomes to a variety of challenges. The Co. F.A.B. Lab has established a series of short courses in Design Thinking that intertwines Design and Business together for successful outcomes.

Design Thinking is all about empathy, understanding why and who you are designing for, it’s about discovery and prototyping. It's about finding new directions to survive and thrive in unprecedented change around the world. We explore the five steps of Design Thinking; Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and test. Design Thinking is about empathically understanding the users and asking the right questions, leading towards creative prototypes. The foundations of Design Thinking enable businesses to be successful in all aspects of their practice.

The Co F.A.B. Lab's goal is to find clarity, to navigate ambiguity, and create sustainable systems that move with the nature of business through the use of techniques and tools of Design Thinking. With a focus on Human-Centred outcomes and an empathically understanding of the end-users needs.

The results are consistently ambitious, inspirational, bold, surprising, creative – and always collaborative.

It’s a new way of creatively exploring new outcomes and opportunities that are focused on user needs.

Bite Size Series Courses on offer

Bite Size NNR Series Courses on offer:

800-000612 Introduction to Design Thinking - Introduction to creative problem solving.

800-000616 Design Thinking Course - Innovation - a competitive advantage.

800-000617 Design Thinking Course - Ideation to realisation.

800-000613 Design Thinking Course – Design Thinking tools

Design Thinking Certificate:

This Statement of Attendance will provide you with a deeper understanding of Design Thinking. This short course of 7 weeks has been designed to unlock the creative mind, challenge ideas and concepts and create the ability to apply these skills to problem-solving. This is an applied approach where you will learn by doing, along the way you will unpack the mysterious connection between design and value growth while capturing what it means to have a human-centered approach.

This approach to business practice has become a necessary element of success.


Introduction to creative problem solving

What is Design Thinking – we explore the five steps of the design thinking process. Five steps in Design Thinking – Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype and test. Design Thinking is all about empathy, understanding why and who you are designing for, it’ s about discovery and prototyping. It’s crafting new ways to come up with ideas that are founded on asking the right kind of questions. In this course you will learn the foundations of Design Thinking and how Design Thinking is a necessary component of successful business practice today.


  • Define what Design Thinking is.
  • Why it's good business practice.
  • Untangling the Design Thinking process.
  • Turning abstract ideas into actions.
  • Discover the tools to use.

10 hour course


Innovation – a competitive advantage

We explore user-centred design through empathy mapping, gathering insights for exploratory research. This stage of Design Thinking is essential in driving key innovations, understanding what human centred means and is a necessary tool for business practice today.


  • What does your end-user really want?
  • Identify tools to use in the Innovation stage.
  • What is - observation mapping.
  • Empathy mapping - looking through other eyes.

10 Hour course


Ideation to realisation

Ideation is the Design Thinking stage that forms ideas and converts concepts into prototypes with the possibility of being developed. It is the art of visualisation to Ideate, iterate, and prototype. We explore convergent & divergent thinking, create key skills in brainstorming to problem-solving through creativity.


  • Apply ideation tools to generate ideas.
  • Deep-dive into the ideas that best meet the end-user.
  • Quickly build prototypes and test the market
  • Review, change and test again.

10 Hour course


Design Thinking Course – Design Thinking tools

This course will give you a deeper insight into the key Design Thinking tools that can be used with the Five steps in Design Thinking - Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and test. We will roadshow the different types of tools and when best to use them.


What is? - Tools to use with Empathy and Define

What if? - tools to use with Ideate

What inspires? - Tools to use with Prototype

What works? - Tools to use with Test

10 hours

Statement of Attendance Certificate in Design Thinking

Design Thinking Certificate

Use Design Thinking to tackle the most challenging problems. This course will build on skills learned in the business world and deepen your understanding of Design Thinking Tools and understand the ability to apply these skills to real challenges that are human centered focused. This will allow for the process to be adapted across a business where there are challenges, new business models or new line of product/service.

Module 1: Getting Started.

Module 2: Deep dive into what matters to your end users.

Module 3: Solve challenges applying Design Thinking tools.

Module 4: Apply Ideation methods to new ideas and identify the key ideas to test.

Module 5: Build prototypes of ideas to test and rebuild to find solutions.

Module 6: Redesign.

Module 7: Course Conclusion.

7 week course on the Design Thinking Process

Project Consultancy

Project Consultancy

As well as the training noted above, we can offer project consultation on a need's basis. We can supplement with mentorship programs that will benefit the company’s needs.

Talk to our Business Development team on what your needs are, and we can provide you with a quote.

"The only way to predict the future is to invent it”

Alan Kay at PARC (1971)

For more information on Design Thinking courses and Project consultation contact Fiona Lloyd, Manager of the Co F.A.B Lab on fiona.lloyd10@tafensw.edu.au


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