Prince William & Kate Middleton By: Blythe mckenna & emily zuluaga

The Life of Kate Middleton

She was born on january 9, 1982. SHe has two siblings. She married prince william and became part of the royal family. july 22, 2013 her son was born. may 2, 2015 her daughter was born.

Kate Middleton throughout the years.

The Life of Prince William

he was born on june 21, 1982. he went to scotland's st. andrews university. he was a pilot in the royal air force. he is a part of many charities. he was part of an organization called "united for wildlife". he is now a pilot for bond air services.

Prince William throughout the years.

The Beginning of Their Relationship

They met in 2001. In december of 2003 they became an official couple. they were first publicly seen on a ski trip in april of 2004. they split up on april 14, 2007.

The couple when they first met.

After Marriage

THEY ANNOUNCED THEIR ENGAGEMENT ON NOVEMBER 16, 2010. on april 29, 2011 they got married!! Kate became part of the royal family. on july 23, 2013 they had their baby boy. on may 2, 2015 they had their daughter. now they are one of the most famous couples. they have been together for about 13 years.

Family pictures.

Why are they memorable?

They are the duke and duchess of cambridge. prince william is second in line for the throne. they are a partof the royal family. they are involved in many charities that try to conserve the world.

The couple at one of their many charity events.


They are married, like romeo and juliet. They kept their relationship a secret, like romeo and juliet had to do. william is as infatuated with kate as romeo is with juliet.

Extra pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton.


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