No more zoos Rylee

Do you think we should still have zoos? I don’t think we should. I have three basic reasons why we shouldn’t: Animals and people can get hurt, animals have a lack of freedom, and when you think about it they can endanger zoo’s!

My first reason is that people can get hurt at zoos in many ways. Someone can actually fall into a pen with a dangerous animal. Other animals could possibly get out of their pens. Animals can also get hurt. A gorilla named Harambe got killed when a three year old boy fell into his cage.

Another reason is about the lack of freedom. They are trapped with animals that are basically strangers to them. If they like hunting, they don’t get the joy. Some cages are small, and they don’t get to run around much because it’s so small!

My third and final reason is zoos can actually endanger animals when you think about it. Some people say that zoos save animals, but sometimes they don’t. Every year some of the animals pass away in captivity. That is a very bad thing if that animal is an endangered species.

In the end, having zoos does more harm than good for animals. People and animals can get hurt, they have a lack of space, and zoos could actually endanger animals.The main thing is zoos could be very dangerous. Do you still wants zoos after all of that new information?


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