baby panda so cute

Panda cubs are adored for their puppy-like resemblance and unique color scheme. Who can resist their fluffy white fur with black circle eyes, ears, and stripes. On all fours they resemble a cuddly puppy.

Many facts contribute to the plight of the endangered panda. Panda cubs are born in small litters, often only one. Where they live and the robustness of their habitat determines their survival. Since the mother’s reproduction rate is limited, specie propagation is fragile. The more information and facts we know about baby pandas the better we can insure their survival.

Panda bear cubs are born to play. But the survival skills they learn from their mother are critical. With proper skills and a favorable environment, cubs can mature to adulthood and continue the cycle of reproduction to save the species. The owl is an enemy of panda babies.

The life of a panda cub has some fascinating characteristics. See our page of interesting facts about baby pandas.
July to September is the period when mother pandasgive birth. Baby pandas stay in their mothers' uterus for just 3 to 5 months. All pandas are born very small. When giant pandas are born, they are tiny, blind, and pink, with few hairs.
Baby panda bears may depend on their parent ’s milk for up to one year. However nursing is usually completed in under ten months. Eventually tender bamboo shoots and leaves will be sampled and become their stable diet.

A panda cub gains weight steadily and will reach about 75 pounds within one year. It will still maintain the cute appearance of a juvenile.Animals are very keen to their immediate environment. In captivity the mother will sometimes ignore her baby panda. Caretakers may attempt to rescue and raise them. Various nurturing techniques are used to simulate tactile activities and socializing, both dependent on how early they are abandoned.

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