Our mission is to work together to give each other the opportunity to become more effective in our communication. This includes ways in which we can bring our problems into actionable goals to create change on campus and on our teams. We will also work to find more ways in which our athletic teams can support each other.

Engage. Educate. Transform. Act.

Contact SAFE Mentors - Head Women's Basketball Coach Corinne Jones (corjones@brockport.edu) & Head Volleyball Coach Steve Pike (spike@brockport.edu)

"I decided to join SAFE because black lives matter and I believe I need to be more than an athlete. I envision in the future us being able to have hard conversations that are not filtered or sugar-coated in any way. I want us to be able to talk, have the hard conversations, and actually educate and promote knowledge instead of just arguing about it. I just want to at least change one person's mind."

Senior football student-athlete Alaan Montgomery

More Than Just Athletes


Several SUNY Brockport student-athletes are ready to make a change and have launched a new platform, titled Student Athletes for Equity (SAFE), to raise awareness surrounding equity, create meaningful conversations and to change problems into actionable goals. The platform will educate, empower, and enhance the experience of student-athletes and staff. It will also assist in helping the athletics community and beyond to be more aware of the issues that exist ...

Student-Athlete Testimonials

Having the TOUGH conversations.

"I hope that SAFE gives students on campus a platform and the power to be able to speak up and create change. I'm excited to watch people learn that they have a voice and feel powerful in doing so and watching people grow."

Senior women's lacrosse student-athlete Maeve Piasecki

Become More Effective in Our Communication

"To be a part of SAFE is very important to me because black lives matter and I want to have black people feel more comfortable while they are living their lives. I would also like to have the Brockport campus community be more unified. These tough conversations are very difficult, I will admit I get uncomfortable at times. But they only make myself and our entire group stronger."

Senior men's lacrosse student-athlete Jahadi Prior


"I joined SAFE because I see a lot of inequality around me and I want to use my platform as a student-athlete to try and create change around me, so those groups feel safer. I am a part of the LGBT community, so I do know what it feels like to experience inequality and that's unfair. If I have a platform where I can make a difference and try and change that, I should use that platform."

Senior women's soccer student-athlete Fiona Stockdale


"As student-athletes we are major leaders on this campus and can definitely make a change. I wanted to be a part of SAFE to be able to start making a difference. I'm excited to be a part of this club in the beginning stages because it can create a domino effect around our campus and community and also spread nationally."

Sophomore field hockey student-athlete Taylor Weber

Student Athletes For Equity

More Than Just an Athlete