HelloFresh By Rya Distaso

HelloFresh has earned the title of America’s Most Popular Meal Kit, and is a great way to learn to cook. Each week, people can choose which meals they want to make, and within a few days, everything they need is sent right to their house. Each meal comes with an information card, step by step instructions with pictures, and pre-measured ingredients.

The reason I decided to try HelloFresh was because I wanted to be able to not only try different kinds of food from around the world, but make them as well. I also have always wanted to be able to cook for my family, and this was, in my opinion, the best way to do it.

The first meal that I made was Chicken Fiesta Tacos with Spicy Apple Cabbage Slaw and Lime Crema. Just like the title says, this was a chicken taco topped with a mix of cabbage, apples, jalapeno and lime, along with sour cream and lime.

The meal turned out to be surprisingly good, and the apples with the chicken was an amazing combination. It was also incredibly easy to make, and such a unique combination of foods.

The next day I made a Tuscan Sausage and Farro Soup with Herb Butter Toasts. Farro is a grain that gives off a very nutty flavor, and mixed with the Italian chicken sausage mix and vegetables tasted amazing.

The soup did not have as much flavor as I expected, and also had a very different flavor then I was expecting. However, it still proved itself to be one of the best and most unique meals I've ever made.

The next week I decided to make Blackened Chicken Penne with Charred Poblano and Monterey Jack Cheese. This was just a simple Penne Pasta dish topped with chicken and a sauce that was kind of similar to an Alfredo.

While this was one of the most simple dishes I made, it was one of my favorites, and would be amazing to make again.

A Vietnamese Chicken Bowl with Sriracha Mayo and Jasmine Rice was next, and this was one of the best dishes for me, not because of the taste, but what I learned.

To start, it was the first time that I had to cook chicken when it was not cut into small pieces. I was really nervous about this because I did not want it under cooked, but I also did not want it dry. I soon learned, however, how easy it really was.

The rice, however, was the best part for me. Previously, my house only had minute rice, but I had no idea how much of a difference it made to just put in a little extra time and make real rice. The smell of it even made me miss Thailand.

Beef Bulgogi Bowls with Carrots, Cucumber, and Sriracha Crema over Jasmine Rice was the scariest dish to me because I've never seen anything like it, but it was by far my favorite meal that I have ever made.

The idea of having cucumbers and carrots with anything besides a salad seemed really wrong to me for some reason, but I loved everything about this dish. The Beef ended up having such a strong flavor, but having the rice and vegetables made it amazing.

The last meal that I made at the end of three weeks was a Sriracha Lime Cheeseburger with Roasted Potato Wedges.

The most interesting thing about this burger was the lime flavor. Limes were pretty much the only thing that I used to season the burger, but it added so much.

I also learned how to cook a burger, as well as help my mom learn. Now they do not end up over cooked every day, and even the toppings that I made were amazing.

In the end, I had very few issues with this company. I had a few dried out limes, as well as a frozen cucumber, but besides that everything was pretty perfect. Everything is premeasured, easy to follow, and delicious.

After I made all six of these meals, I learned so much about cooking, such as Lime can be a powerful and unique way to season a meal, and mixing a little bit of Sriracha with toppings such as sour cream help to add a little something extra.

I also learned to not be afraid to try new things, and it makes a worlds of a difference to just go the extra step and buy real and fresh ingredients, as well as take a few extra minutes to be thorough.

In the end, my plating and photography skills may not be great, but the way that I cook food is a lot better, and I recommend HelloFresh to anybody looking to do the same.

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