African Eliphant Almost ryan.

These mammals have very strong social bonds and live in family groups headed by a female (called a cow). Males (called bulls).An Bull--(a male African Elephant) eats up to 300-600 pounds of bark,roots,fruit,grasses and leafs it spend most of its time eating. it's the largest land animal alive.Elephants are excellent swimmers.African elephants average about 10 feet (3 m) tall at the shoulder, weighing roughly 6 tons (5,400 kg). Males are larger than females. Both males and females have tusks (large, pointed ivory teeth). They have wrinkled, gray-brown skin that is almost hairless.African Elephants have large ears (up to 5 feet=1.5 m long) that are shaped like the continent of Africa. The ears not only hear well, but also help the elephant lose excess heat, as hot blood flows near the surface of the skin.Elephants breathe through two nostrils at the end of their trunk, which is an extension of the nose. The trunk is also used to get water and food. To get water, the elephant sucks water into the trunk, then curls the trunk towards the mouth and squirts the water into it. The trunk has two prehensile (grasping) extensions at the tip, which it uses like a hand.An African Elphants habitat is the Savannah.


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