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Location is the exact point of Niger. Relative locations are surrounding countries to one country. Niger's relative location is North Western Africa.

Counties capital- Niamey 13.5116 N 2.1254 E
Niamey River
Nigers highway
Nigers River
Africa is the continent Niger is on.
Air Mountains in Niger

Niger has one of the hottest climates because of the Sahara, Sahel, and Sudan.

The Sahal, Sudan, and Sahara desert
Libya, Algeria, Bennie, Mali, and Chad

The major bodies of water are found in or around Niger are Lake Chad, Elki Guernama, and the Oases of Niger.

Bodies of water in Niger


Place - the absolute location of a place.

Coal, Uranium, Iron, Tin, Gold, and Salt.
The Hausa is one of Nigers cultural groups. About 44 million people speak for the Hausa,it is mainly in Niger and Nigeria.
The Igbo is a culture where they speak in "igbo", types of launguages and dialects. They are mainly in Niger, one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa.
Yoruba are a group in Southwestern and North Central Niger. About 40 million speaks for Yoruba.
94% of Niger is a part of Islam.

In Niger they celebrate Nigerianin independance. Celebrated on October 1st.

Celebrating independance


Human environmental interaction is the ways people change the envireonment and things around them.

Yams, rice, and cowpeas are some of the main food grown in Niger.
Some of the major jobs in Niger are farming and mining. They do not have technology to have big machines do these things, so everything is done by hand in Niger.
These two animals are endangered spices. The lions population is decreasing because of humans. The addox is endangered because people are unregulated to hunt them.
The African Mahogany is being used in a lot of woodwork for people all ove the world. Trees take a long time to grow, so we are running low on these types of trees.
One thing that is effecting all of Africa is oil spills. These are more common than you would think. People from all over come to help.


Region- how they form and change.

This country is just now developing from being a non independant country. Learning still goes on, they are poor and in poverty, but that does not stop their brains from working. They have few to little schools.

The oral population of niger is 17.83 million people. Per square kilometers are about 15.71. This means not many people live close together, but there are a lot of people in the country.

The area of the country ( 489,200 miles )

The GDP per capita is $415.42 US dollars

The life expectancy for people who live in niger is about 57 or 58. This is for make and female.

The amount of people that can read actually shocked me. 59.6% knows how to read and write. I thought this would be a lot lower of a number just because their environment and how hard it is to go to school.

The climate region of niger is Republic of Niger.


The movement of goods and people happens a lot on niger. More people move into niger than the people that move out. Goods are traveled into niger, because they are in poverty. They need food and water to survive.

$546 million dollars of chemicals are moved out of niger.
Rice is also sold from niger for around $23.6 million
Machines are moved into niger as well. They are trying to become a big country. They became independant and one of the things you need to do to become larger is machines and technology.
Parts of machines
The flag was adopted November 23 1959 by Niger. The different colors mean different things. The orange circle is representing the sun. Orange stripe represents the savvanah. The white represents the Niger River, and the green stripe represents Niger's rain forests.

The French Fifth Republic passed a law for the member ship of independant states. Niger became independant on October 1st, 1960.

Some people do not use cellphones, but more than we think use smartphones in Niger.
In Niger they also use computers. Not as many people use computers but they do in jobs and careers.
Also in some places they still use 0 technology. They are trying to have more computers and tablets for the kids who need more education.
The ways most people get around are camels and donkeys. In the higher economical places in Niger they use buses. These are rarely accounted for.


One of the events happened on June 17th 2016. There was a murder at a village funeral. 24 people were found dead

Nigerian soliders

Boko Haram militants also attacked a village in Niger while a delegation of ministers was visiting, killing seven police officers and wounding 12 in a gun battle.

Some photos of the military coming to help the civilians.

Boko Haram: soaring numbers of children used in suicide attacks

They have been using children in attacks as well.

The UN children's agency shows that 44 children were used in suicide attacks in the north-east Niger.

I think you should travel to my country because it has a lot of diversity compared to the United States. If you like seeing different things, you should try Niger out. You will meet different types of people, different backgrounds and cultures. Their food is also different. It's a good different. They have jollof rice, palm nut soup, and types of stews. These are most of their food options with little ingredients they have in Niger.

Some of the types of food

One major fun thing you could do while you're in Niger is go to Niamey. This is their major city they have. It has nightlife, museums, cathedrals, and shopping. Sounds like the United States state Nevada with Las Vegaps.

Niamey, Niger
Some of the teens in Niger

To grow up in this country is pretty hard. They are a very poor country so it is rough. The typical teenager wake up and takes care of the younger siblings that can not take care of them selfs. Then they clean up after everyone. They are almost the parents of the house.

Do they go to school? Yes. Some of the teens do go to school. The ones who do go to school do not have a schedule like we do. They do all of their work in one classroom with the same people, all different grades. This is almost like a school house in the old days.

Jobs? Most teens actually do not have jobs. The adults of the house do the job and the teens stay to take care of the younger kids. That is their job.

Every teen needs to have fun, the way these teens have fun is they play soccer. They also love playing and watching ping pong. They watch a really common show called Nollywood for fun too. They are always surrounded by friends. They have very good social skills.

Music in Niger differs like the United States. They mostly listen to Afro Pop. But they also listen to gospel if their family is religious.

Some of the main Afro Pop artist in Niger

To sum up Niger, it seems like a really cool place to live. You have a lot to do and you can be your own self. In the United States everyone try's to act the same or be a certain self. This is not the case in Niger.

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