Pendulum By Jordan Page

Revolution EP

2008 | Folk

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“I met an arrogant leader who robs us and cheats us. -- He pretends that his orders come directly from Jesus. -- When he sends out our children to strange foreign soil, to kill for the right to monopolize oil.”


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Luke Tatum

Good ol' Jordan Page. I really enjoyed interviewing him for Culture of Peace. This is one of his best-known songs, and with good reason. Pendulum correctly identifies the tendency of the people to swing from one end of the traditional political spectrum to the other. Mad at the Republicans? Vote Democrat. Mad at the Democrats? Vote Republican. It goes on, and on, and on, and on. "Momentum increases the need for the fight; Like a blindfold when it's time to walk towards the light; And I am caught in the middle." Spot on, Jordan. The back and forth is a distraction. R's and D's march in lockstep on every genuinely important issue, and even where they disagree they retreat to "safe" policies when they have the votes to make things happen. We have to get away from this pendulum.

Sherry Voluntary

Oh Jordan! I like his music in general, but I think he really nailed it with this one. While I would argue that libertarianism in not the middle of the political spectrum, as a certain party would have you believe with it’s slogans, I do agree that anyone trying to reason their way out of the mess is stuck in the middle of warring factions. The “left” and the “right” of this country, may differ to varying degrees on issues, they do not different in the most important ideological way. They both aim to control you and force you to live in the manner they see fit, so that they can keep farming you for taxes and power. When it comes to their belief in authority and love for violence, they are one and the same. As a libertarian, there is only one value that matters among all men, property rights. All rights are property rights. Knowing the difference between what is yours and what is not, makes all the difference in the world.

Nicky P

I'll lay it out there. Jordan isn't really my thing. I think he's fantastically talented and in truth his recordings hardly do him justice. The reason I choose to bring this up is because one of my favorite reasons statism is a bad idea is that not everyone is motivated by the same voice. I'm far more motivated by groups like Strung Out & Megadeth. Different strokes for different folks and all. I've had the opportunity to see Jordan live and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous at how seriously people take his words. I was asked to leave the back of the pavilion by a man trying to wrap himself up in Jordan's words. This song touches a nerve with people like no other and certainly that warm voice is a promise of better things in and of itself. In a world where, even more so than when this song was written, everyone is retreating to their respective teams (sides only makes sense if there are principles involved) to stand with our principles feels like part of a pendulum being swatted from side to side. These days it feels more like a punching bag.

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