Science is our way of finding out about the world around us. Go learn

In the article we read ¨What is Science?¨ It states how everything, yes does have an answer but it is determined whether or not we get that answer. We ask so many questions and yet we still do not know the answer. There will always be something that can be further investigated, but humans will never know everything. As things are being formed and the true answer will have questions within itself and it has to be able to be a testable question.

Science is a group activity. It's not a solo thing. Science is having a question and finding an answer and than coming up with another question based off you answer. And it goes on and on. Adding people to help you find your answer is an encouraged thing because it gives you a different point of view

There’s a difference between the definition of science and the reason for science. The definition is easy, it’s one sentence that can be written and repeated until it’s meaning is less than it’s content. The reason for science is much, much more. The essence of science isn’t just a sentence, it’s not just one question or one answer. What is science?

Science is the people who work for it, science is the reasons behind everything. No matter how far you look into the sky, there’s science to explain what you see and why you can see it. Look no farther than the tip of your nose to find science there, explaining how we sense our surroundings and how we came to be how we are. Science has no limits, it will never be finished as long as we know the cosmos is infinite and there’s a beyond.

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