OFFENDED by life

Religion can take great offence at life - particularly undiluted and un-contained life. Religion can be so encumbered with entitlement and delusion that it it kills life when when life appears to raise the dead from themselves and their ideas.

Mc Routine and Mc Christian Consumer is religion that is spiritual junk food

Don’t assume that people spend much time in reasoned thinking today or that everyone knows what the cross achieved by gaining us fellowship with God – a fellowship of the same quality that Jesus had with His Father and Holy Spirit. That which is marketed as religion is too often dependency and spiritual consumerism. Every person has the capacity, in this age to be the recipient of some measure of wisdom and revelation. Every-one has the privilege because everyone has union with God

We can live an un-life in the half-life of religion. With Christ as our life we are resurrected and life itself

Many people are offended at straight talk that could demolish demonic strongholds if taken to heart. Rather than be taught by the pure in heart they cover their self-righteousness in the taking of offence. By uttering slanders, accusations, misguided counsel and false prophecies against those who could lead them into the abundant life - they deny themselves life to the full. Don’t make religion out of your Christian poverty mentality.

Offended poses are no more than the rattling of dead bones in the Valley of Death. Rick Joyner observes, "Over time the nature of the accusations being hurled at the movements [of resurrection] in the valley became increasingly extreme. We did not pay much attention to these at first because it seemed that they were getting so extreme that no thinking person would take them seriously. That proved to be a big mistake as there were not as many 'thinking' people as we supposed." (1)

Not as many thinking people as we supposed.

The greatest inhibitor of life in our individual journeys is an addiction to our inherited ideas.

Caged by me, myself and my culture

Pride can insulate us from light and life. Very pleasant people who are well educated and gracious can be saddled with a smug sense of unwarranted confidence; a misplaced pride in the misguided assumptions that were fed into their souls as children and youths. Some of these beliefs involve dilutions of our inheritance in Jesus. They produce life-long debilitation. Other distortions involve perverse renderings of who Jesus is and who we are in Him. So perverse that they are 'another gospel.' That's a polite label for them. These notions are really lies. Sadly there are people who take satisfaction in the fact that their relatives and friends spent their lives in misplaced loyalty to these delusions.

Sons and daughters of the slave woman, denied freedom because they chose an identity rather than life.

A smug satisfaction with our beliefs.

In his book The Valley, Rick Joyner offers this warning. "We did not even suspect that this was setting us up for the enemy's biggest weapon of all-pride. As our contempt for the evil horde grew, our vigilance gradually decreased. For this reason it became easier for the enemy to raid us." (2)


Pride not only embeds us in well-respected folly. It can make us unteachable. We become those whose eyes do not see and ears do not hear. But we have convinced ourselves that we are have something to offer - but only the help of the kind that makes well people ill.

Touting a message that makes well people ill, sick people worse and and wise people lose their way

The above disease is the result of 'Other Gospel' of the kind Paul described as a curse.

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By the Spirit Jesus became them, which is to say He manifested His person in and through them
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