Medieval Torturing Devices By: alexia jordan

The Sword- It disposes life and death so when people have done you wrong, they eventually die.

The Saw- Would prove that justice would be done after they kill the other.

The Inquisition Chair- It was a part of witchcraft and in this not just the head would go, but the whole body would be subjected to the devil.

The Gallows- It was believed to be a gate between heaven and earth so people would be hung until they die. The body would remain on the gallows.

The Guillotine- This happens when a convict of something does not have to tolerate any punishments, and he has a fear of death, his head would be taken off.

The Rack- This would usually happen to people if they did not confess. So, they would put them on the rack and torture them until they would confess.


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