the Simpsons

A few Lessons and observations

  1. Minecraft makes me nauseous
  2. The animals make me mad
  3. Nothing you make is big enough...until its way too big
  4. Don't dig too deeply in a flat world
  5. Don't ride a horse too far away from your house
  6. Don't put buckets of anything near something you are building
  7. You can be your own weather man!
  8. The Simpsons low key have a mansion?

For some reason I decided digging my layout was my best option

This is me struggling with the bay windows and the size in general

Windows are done! Still struggling with scale

At this point I committed to the layout and began building walls and putting in carpet

More walls!

At this point I was moving to the upstairs rooms

Starting to develop upstairs

Other upstairs rooms

This is after the interior is finished, now the only thing left is outside and the roof!

Wooooooooo! now only a few more outside details

Finished house!

some challenges along the way

  1. The coloring was pretty difficult because in the show the house changed overtime
  2. I lost my house once...that sucked
  3. It was hard to do a lot of the interior furniture! Especially because of the size of some of the rooms
  4. It was hard to find compromises between the layout of the house and mincrafts capabilities
  5. Buckets of water aren't for the inside of houses...

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