Good Life Tour of the Harn Uma Blandon

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: In my eyes, this artwork looks like an amazing metal handmade quilt. It's made of aluminum and copper wire. It amazes me how detailed it is and how much work it must have been to complete. It's so much easier to appreciate it in person since you see every detail and piece of metal involved. I appreciate the hardworking hands that put this beautiful piece together. Copper and wire seem like difficult materials to work with. The fact that these materials are rock hard yet looks like a soft quilt, is incredible to me. The bright golden and warm colors are what spoke to me. With the light coming in from the giant windows in the lobby, the artwork shined and glowed. It made me feel warm, relaxed, and content.
Design of the Museum: The first thing you saw as you walked into this exhibit were large windows, and hiding behind those windows, a beautiful bright green garden. There was a bridge that led to a waterfall and creek in the small garden. The dark wooden floors of the exhibit contrasted the bright green perfectly. All the pieces in the exhibit were all shades of brown and very rustic and earthy looking. It felt like a modern rainforest, which I loved. Dark greens, bright sunlight, and shining greens gave me this amazing feeling of growth and enlightenment. The yellow light came in through the garden and into the wide exhibit space giving a safe warm feeling. All the artworks surrounded the incoming light in such a mesmerizing way. It was a beautiful use of space and lighting.
Art and Core Values: This art work appeals to my value of relationships with animals. This artist shows a man's relationship with a horse and a dog and with a woman relaxing on the floor. This relates to me a lot since I have both dogs and horses in my life. I cherish the time I spend with them, and love my bonds with the animals. This piece shows a man bareback on a horse. This requires a lot of trust between the person and horse since nothing is aiding with control of the horse. The horse must respect the human in order for him to ride him bareback. A lady is also on the floor lying next to the horse and dog. This makes me feel like she's taking in the beautiful scenery, nature, and animals around her. I love enjoying the animals around me as well. This piece makes me appreciate this value even more because I feel like I can relate with the people in the art work. When you see other people cherishing the same things as you, you can't help but feel happy for one another since you understand what their feeling.
Art and the Good Life: In my eyes, this artwork represents the theme of safety. This shows through in how the light shines through the swampy trees, how there are two peaceful deer living their lives, and how the moss is hanging low and worry free. All these things add up to evoke a peaceful and safe feeling. The deer are protected from predators by the big trees and surrounding brush. They can enjoy their meal and live freely and safely. This piece adds to my understanding of this theme because it's not only humans who can value safety. Animals and nature can all experience safety. They too can feel relaxed and enjoy their meal. The entire artwork just makes me feel happy, warm, and safe for the deer.
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Uma Blandon



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