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A little about our Managers

Our management team at Enterprise group have an important role in maintaining well being and this is because of what they provide as a team but also because employees recognise their positive attitudes and optimistic states which increases their motivation to achieve that. Ensuring the managers well being helps ensure the effectiveness of employees and a good relationship between the mangers and employees.

Manager and Employee Relationships

Employee well being at the workplace is greatly influenced by the managements relationship with them. We have seen that when there is a poor relationship between managers and employees the employees find it hard to have a high level of well being as there is no communication from managers therefore employees do not feel valued or respected, which in turn decreases morale and their job satisfaction. However, when there is a good relationship between the two there is better motivation among employees and an improved sense of well being. At Enterprise Group we pursue the best relationship between the management team and employees by having an open office for our managers allowing a close relationship to be made with employees as well as managers conversing daily with employees so there is interest shown in their work progression as well as creating a friendship.

Health and Safety in the Work Place

Health and Safety is important for our employees as it gives them a physical sense of security. By having a safe working environment with exceptional equipment and work practices our employees feel at ease when working knowing that there are minimal risks for them and a minimum risk of injury within the workplace. With poor health and safety also comes increased stress among employees which in turn creates a snowball effect within the workplace and as an SME with only 200 employees worries about safety are communicated quickly. However, as a team we try to decrease these worries by allowing our employees to come to the management team with any worries about the health and safety at work. This method has seemed to have a positive effect on our employees well being as we act upon their concerns and when they see improvements they acknowledge it and the atmosphere within the workplace improves and stress is reduced.

Improving Morale and the Working Environment

Improving the morale of our employees is a crucial aspect for our managers at Enterprise group. Our management team set clear goals and objectives for employees whilst also providing them with the support when needed and giving them positive and constructive feedback which may not seem suitable for increasing morale, however our employees feel that this feedback improves their attitude towards work as they strive to become a value-added employee.

Improving the work environment for our employees creates positive well being as a more positive working space leads to an improved attitude towards work which overall improves the organisations turnover, which is what we all work towards.

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