Cindi Long Fisher Natural Resources are Valuable

Renewable Resources are Important to Life as we know it.

Water is one of Earth's most abundant resources.

Water is one of Earth's most important and prevalent natural resources. Life on Earth is only possible because of the abundance of water. The amount of water on earth does not change because of the way that water is continually going through the water cycle. Water in all three of its states benefits all life on the planet. In the story One Well we learned that glaciers store water for planet earth. Today, glaciers are melting faster than ever before putting more water moving across the planet. We also learned that when water is moving in rivers and oceans, it is going through a cleaning process and is filtered when it evaporates. The story also reminded us that the water we use today may have been the spray of a whale at one point of its life cycle.

Water in its three forms, Solid, Liquid and Gas
The Grand Canyon is a beautiful landform created by water carving out its unique form

The surface of planet Earth sustains life through growing and nourishing plants and animals.

Animals and crops rely on the surface of Earth to provide nourishment for survival.

Planet Earth is home to many different animals and plants. They all rely on the surface of the planet to receive nourishment and stability for their survival. As we take care of our planet we are at the same time taking care off all life that resides here. One resource that we need to take care of, because it takes care of us, is our soil. In Dirt on Dirt, we saw that by using the soil responsibly and allowing nutrients to be replaced in the soil, we can survive on the food that we grow in the soil.

By taking care of Earth, we are really taking care of ourselves.

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