Sarah Emma Edmonds BY Gabbie Wall


She was born in Magaguadavic New Brewnswick Canada December 1841. She grew up with her sisters on a family farm. Her father wanted a son but got a daughter so he treated her badly. To ascape she set up an arranged marriage in the United States.

Civil War

First she became a traveling athor selling her books where ever she went. Then she dressed as a man and became a nurse for the union. . Then she joined the Union to fight. Then she became a spy.


She died in Laporte TX September 5 1898. She died of natural causes.

7 Habits

Her habit is begun with the end in mind. I think this because she had a plan to set up an arranged marriage far away so her father couldn't get her.


Her quote is " I am naturally fond of adventure, a little ambitious , a good deal romantic but patriotism was the true the true secret to my success ."

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