My View of the Florida Museum of Natural History what is the good life?

Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land and South Florida People & Environments exhibits at the Florida Museum of Natural History

As I walked through museum, there were different atmospheres within each exhibit. The exhibit that I found the most engaging was called South Florida People and Environments. I found this specifically appealing because I am originally from south Florida and the exhibits showcased the native people that I grew up learning about. Additionally my mother and her family grew up in a town neighboring a reservation; so in the past I have visited these areas and have first-hand experiences near them. The exhibit was set up in areas beginning with the Everglades and its people and transitioned into the marine life. There was one room where ocean sounds played and projections of water movement floated through the exhibit. This built an engaging atmosphere and created a sense of exploring the exhibit underwater. Through other exhibits there were interactive activities which heightened the overall experience of the museum.

Butterfly Rainforest exhibit

The Florida Museum of Natural History provided a variety of exhibits that can provide an experience that portrays the nature of Florida. The museum created exhibits that put the audience into scenes of nature. For each area of Florida that was represented, models and landscapes create a life-like atmosphere. It portrays us as a "biotic community" by surrounding people with nature and plants continuously through each exhibit. I appreciated the immense detail put into each exhibit and the continuous flow from each. Visually it allowed the visitors to connect to nature. In a world full of technology and fast paced living, the museum created a world filled with nature while also giving visitors an educational experience that connects them with a historical background. I believe the museum instilled an ethical responsibility as it brought nature into focus. Especially after ending the tour with the Butterfly Rainforest, a peaceful atmosphere with nature brought the importance of nature into perspective.

Butterfly Rainforest exhibit

The Natural History museum allows us to step out of our ordinary lives by surrounding us with the nature and history of Florida. Each exhibit is so different which allows for constant interest. The alternations between live exhibits and still exhibits creates interest in the living animals, such as frogs and butterflies, while still maintaining the concepts of each exhibit. The museum captures the human spirit by displaying the history of Florida and how we have come to live in this beautiful state. It helps us understand who we are and where we come from by displaying all various aspects of the nature that surrounds us. Through the Florida Fossils exhibit and the South Florida People exhibit I gained a better understanding of the history of the land where I live and have lived through my life.

All images were taken by myself at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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