What I learned about the revolution DANYA STUMP

starting with a list this is what i learned, I learned that the Boston battle was won by the colonists. Apparently The colonists ambushed the British and then the colonist leader/general?? Ordered the British to destroy the camps and things that the British have.

I learned that About 5,000 African American men and boys fought in the war and that George Washington rarely had even 15,000 men under his command at a time.

Benjamin Franklin got help France, Spain and the Netherlands, which helped him weaken the British. About 100,000 Loyalists went to Canada, England, and the Bahamas.

this is Benjamin Franklin

The first shots fired was on the morning of April 19, 1775 in Lexington, Mass. The British Army had a good, experienced, standing army, the American Army did not.


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