New Story storytelling and marketing to raise awareness and promote funding for those Burdened with rare and unDIAGNOSED diseases.

This story went viral and raised $61,860 so far.

Assessing the need

Everyday hardworking people struggle with the financial burden of dealing with long-term disabilities. The costs associated with these disabilities all too often are not covered by insurance or government programs, costs such as special wheel chairs, ADA home modifications, modified vehicles, service dogs, counseling, expensive medications, and caregivers. These people lack the voice to raise awareness of their need.

How would you deal with a rare disability? It's all too easy to ignore until it's your life.
Everyday hardworking people struggle with the financial burden of dealing with long-term disabilities.

Founders Clover and Rachel Carroll

"When we first learned of our son's diagnosis we were overwhelmed. We were hit with a tidal wave of medical expenses and despair. Along our journey we discovered there were others with even greater needs than ours. We knew there must be some way to help."

the approach

New Story seeks to raise awareness and promote funding for people dealing with the costs of rare and undiagnosed diseases. It is a platform that utilizes cinematic storytelling techniques and values based marketing campaigns to promote fundraising to help those who are struggling with the financial burdens of rare disabilities.


Why story? Story leads behavior. Stories stick with people. The stories will be documentary style footage of people dealing with disabilities. The story will share everyday struggles families with disabilities face, and focus on a particular need they are immediately dealing with. The goal is to create a strong emotional connection that leaves the audience with the question, "How can I help?"




Each film will be sponsored by a brand or brands that wish to connect their brand with values based marketing. Each film will be placed on our display network on the biggest sites on the web and on the hottest networks on TV. New Story Media will deliver the content on our display network then deliver analytics, tracking each campaign. Each campaign will be optimized for website delivery and online television.


New Story Media taps into the most sophisticated data partners to target scores of audience segments from household income to credit score and relationship status to number of kids.


Consumers, of course, are more than basic demographic numbers. Targeting consumer psychographics and behaviors help achieve additional relevance. New Story Media’s display network identifies people by what makes them who they are. We use details like purchase history, political affiliation, magazine subscriptions, internet searches, social media, even favorite music to target viewers who are more likely to donate to a cause and support the sponsoring brand.


Funneling a campaign into a specific location gives it focus, and increases the relevancy of creative work. With New Story Media’s platform, video delivery can be as narrow as a zip code or as broad as a nation. New Story Media offers this level of targeting in over 120 countries worldwide.


New Story promotes funding for families dealing with rare and undiagnosed diseases by connecting each story to a cause that will help meet their needs. Each video will have a call to action like the sample below followed by the brand sponsor.

In A Nutshell

The brand pays for the video production and marketing campaign. The cause receives the donations. The cause provides a portion of the funds towards the need. The brand will be given the opportunity to donate toward the need.

The Return on Investment

The brand receives value based marketing and shows they care about those burdened with rare and undiagnosed diseases.

The cause receives awareness and funding with no cost to them.

The disabled receives the financial help they need.

“Sometimes the things we can’t change end up changing us.” ~ Unknown

Help us give them hope

Created By
Clover Carroll


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