War of Roses By: soraya Davis

The Houses

House of York

The House of York represents the white rose.

House of Lancaster

The House of Lancaster represents the red rose

Henry VI vs Edward IV

Henry VI

Has mental problems, but still takes the throne.

He was housed in the Tower of London.

Edward IV

Took the throne from Henry VI in 1461.

He was a "giant" at the time measuring 6 feet 2 inches.

Richard III

Guilty or Innocent?

I think Richard III is innocent, because of many reasons.

His enemies could have made up the stories.

It could have been a coincidence that they were in the place as he was when they died.

Richard was known for being a loyal brother, brave, and charming.

This is where Richard III was found.

This is a statue dedicated to Richard III.

Battle of Bosworth Field

Richard was killed with an axe blow to his head.

The fight was between Henry Tudor and Richard III.

Henry Tudor and The House of Tudor

Henry Tudor

From a powerful family of Welsh nobles.

He did not have a good claim to the throne

House of Tudor

Housed a powerful welsh noble family, the Tudor family


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