The Beautiful Game A football story

The Beautiful Game is a book written by Steve Flinders and talks about the best sport of the world that some call it football , some call it soccer and to others it's the beautiful game. By any name , it's a sport with some fascinating stories

Football , for most people ,is association football or soccer . Soccer is one kind of football. In different parts of the world people play others kinds of football. In some countries people play rugby football , in USA a lot of people watch and play American football.In this book football means association football. In football there are only 17 rules so its easy to understand. It is played with a a round ball on a football field or pitch. Each team has 11 players on the field. If a player is hurt and has to leave the field a substitute can take his or her place. The football manager can also use a substitute if the player is tired or is not playing well. Usually a team can use 3 substitution during a match.

A geme lasts for 90 minutes divided in two halves of 45 minutes. At half time players have a rest of 15 minutes. Each time tries to score goals , and at the end of game the team wit the most goals wins. If both teams get the same number of goals , it's a draw.You can ply football in team of 11 players on a football pitch with a referee. You can also play with your friends in the street or on the beach. Each team has a goalkeeper(he is the only on o the 11 players that can take he ball with the hands) their job is to stop the ball when the other team tries to score a goal. defenders play in front of the goalkeeper. They are often big and strongbox they must also run fast. The defender's job is to stay closer the striker from the other team and get between them and their goal. Midfielders help both the defenders and the strikers. They are free to run up and down the field. They can make long passes like defenders or run with the ball like strikers. The job of the strikers is to score goals.And sure that football is for everyone but it is divided in leagues from the amateurs to the pro

In football there are some players that now are called " Legend ". They are the emblems of the football. They are the best players of the world and usually the have win the golden ball. But football is a sport for everyone, man or women, and in it there isn't discrimination but only RESPECT!!!!


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