Oral History of Education EAF 235.003

Sean Patrick Loesch

Loesch grew up in New Jersey and considers his childhood to have been "Happy! That’s the world that pops in my head. I had a great family and a great education with the catholic school system."


Loesch identifies himself as male and now a senior citizen since he is over 65. He is Irish American, and grew up middle class. A "nice comfortable life" he says. "My faith definitely has been something that had let me see education as sharing a part of myself."


  • Grade School-St. Francis
  • High School- St. Joseph High School

College and Career

Undergraduate: 1 year Dallas; 3 years at Boston

Masters: Loyola University of Chicago in Religious studies with a emphasis in spirituality

Losech did not intend to be a teacher, but he was offered a job after his masters at Trinity High School in River Forest. He has been there for over thirty years. He sees education as a calling from God because he never knew how much he would love doing this job.



"I grew up during the Vietnam war, and I was one of those young people who had to register for the draft right out of high school." The idea of war and violence definitely affected his educational experience with the assassination of JFK and Dr. martin Luther King Jr. "Our generation grew up we had a lot of idealism. We did eventually see the end of nam. And I like to think it has affected my view on education because we don’t have to just take the status quo. The period I grew up in is definitely colored in education." He was able to go through the entirety of this experience and use it to fuel his eventual career.

Anastasia S. Ferguson

Ferguson grew up in Miami, Florida and England. Her childhood was a combination of happiness and hardships. "My childhood was hard since I went to a new school every year. My dad was in my life but uninterested in a lot of us. Being a first generation American was hard getting culturally situated in this country. It was weird strange growing up with not Caribbean's because that was my culture.


Ferguson is 23 years old and identifies herself as Caribbean/Jamaican and British. She says her how she identifies herself "depends who I am around. Living in America I would always to say Caribbean or Black. I never said black never before living in America." She is bilingual in Spanish and English.


  • Grade School: She went to a different school every year until high school 1st: Spanish school 1, 2nd: England, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th: two schools. The first was she was bullied harshly and her mother removed her from the situation and threats for her life. After that she was sent to a jewish school for 6th-8th grade. She was entered into the gifted program and was one of three black students.
  • High School: Stayed at one high school in Miami and was on the varsity football team.

College and Career

College: Illinois State University seeking her Bachelors degree in Acting

Ferguson's education is leading her to continue pursuing her acting career in Miami. She wants to share stories through theatre and teach people about intersectionality through plays and conversations.


911 transitioned travel into a process with much more security, and I got to see it happen because of family on either side of the world and traveling. Ferguson only spent one semester going to school abroad in England with her father. This gave her a worldly perspective towards education.

Ferguson knew Trey Von Martin and the case really affected her high school career. She makes it a point to call his mother on his birthday to stay in touch and keep everyone together.

Evolution of Education

  • Differences and Similarities: Both individuals had extremely different experiences when it came to education due to their personal experiences in life. However, they both move through their lives taking education to heart and rising above the difficulties and using them to inspire an act of change in our society trough theatre and education.
  • Evolution: Through interviewing both of these people, I learned that the value of education never dies. Ferguson and Loesch had extremely different experiences both with private education experiences that taught them about themselves and the value that education. I attended private schools my entire education until college were I went to a public university.

By: Hannah Spohnholtz

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Hannah Spohnholtz

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