Nickle atomic number is 28.

What is nickels atomic mass?

Nickle has an atomic mass of 58.6934 u ± 0.0002 u.

What are some properties of nickel?

It is a silvery-white lustrous metal with a slight golden tinge.

Where is nickel found at?

This is what nickel looks like when it comes out the earth.
Nickel is found in the Earth's crust where it is about the twenty-second most abundant element. Most nickel that is mined for industrial use is found in ores such as pentlandite, garnierite, and limonite.

What is nickel used for?

It is used for making stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant alloys, to make coins and nickel steel for armor plates and burglar-proof vaults, and nickel plating.

Where does nickel belong on the periodic table?

The green is transition metals.
Nickel belongs to the transition metals.

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