How to play Hockey Darby Smith

To play hockey you need to know a few tips. Tips like how to skate and stop which are the basics. Then there are different positions and at the positions you need to know what your team will expect you to do. So you keep to know how to skate, stop, score, control the puck, and also the positions and there jobs that come with them.
The first major point is that you have to know the basic skating and stopping. So to learn how to do this you could teach yourself. If you are going to teach yourself you can go to a mini lesson on ice skating online. You have to make sure you are using the hockey skating one. You could also go to a little mini lesson with a teacher. Stopping is very easy. You could have a friend show you if they know what they are doing. All you really do is dig your blade into the ice but not to hard.
Now it is time to learn how to control the puck and hold a stick, so you can score. To keep the puck you have to get it to your teammates and have to keep it from the other team. Also you have to go from side to side of the puck. You would dribble it like a soccer ball but with a stick. Holding the stick is a very easy task to do. There are some videos and some picture tips for the stick holding and protecting the puck. Here is a really good site to use
The final thing you need to know is the positions and jobs you need to do for your team. There are five positions plus the goalie. So you have to do lines to make sure everyone on your team gets time to play and help you win. There is center, left and right wings, and eat and right defense. Also goalie each time will have about two goalies so they can switch in and out. When you are center you have to do the face off at the beginning of the game. The centers go everywhere on the rink. Also they score the points but the defense can too. The defense mainly stay on your side of the rink to make sure the puck doesn't come over there. Left and right are just what side you start on when the center people are doing the face off. Also you go back there when someone scores a point.
So if you follow these steps you should be able to play hockey. I will tell you though that you will not be able to play with the non-beginners. So you need to know how to skate, stop, score, control the puck, hold a stick, and know the positions.


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