A typical day in my old school By Airi

My Japanese school started at 8 o'clock every day and I went to school on foot with a group. Japanese schools are very different to ISB. The difference between ISB and my Japanese school was the in Japan every one at my school was stricter. We were not allowed to bring sweets and phones in the Japanese school. We also were not allowed to wear accessories and wear any shoes other than sneakers. But I am very happy that ISB does not have such a rule! In Japan, students help prepare for lunch. Then the students would help clean up after lunch. Students clean everything including the bathrooms and the classrooms. My Japanese school has approximately 3 or 4 classes each grade. And we changed class once a year. The time my Japanese school ended is different according to the day. After school, we were doing club activities. There were many options such as basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, volleyball, baton, etc and there were about two or three hours of club activities. In addition to that, there were various events such as athletic meetings and theater productions every year. School life in Japan is a very good memory!

And this is a female middle school which I wanted to go in Japan and uniform.

When I go to Belgium, my friends gave to me a lot of letters(≧∇≦)

I enjoyed my school life in Japan very much!!!

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