Liberia By jasmine knowland

The capital of Liberia is Monrovia

This video show you picture and the roads of Liberia.

Liberia is found on West Africa

This maps show you where Liberia is found in Africa.
The landform of where the people of Liberia live.

Liberia is find on the west side of Africa. Liberia is bored by the following states Sierra Leon, Guinea and Côte d' louvre.

A map showing you the border states.

This video is introducing you to there capacity.

The exact location of Liberia 6.2907°N,10,7605°W
This photo is taken place over the vacation area in Liberia

Liberia landform is very similar to the size of Tennessee. Most of Liberia is covered dense tropical forests. Which they are is an annual rainfall in the forests.

This show you the cloud that happen to show over one of the forests in Liberia.
The Atlantic Ocean hitting the shore of Liberia

Liberia is found by the North Atlantic oceans.

This mount is found in Liberia.

The highest point completely within Liberia is mount Wuteve (4,724 ft) located in west Africa.

This river is a part of Liberia climate.

Liberia has a very tropical hot and humid all year around be they also get plenty of rain from it.

What is it like living in liberia

Theme of place to the physical and aspects of a location

This is a picture of a women holding one of Liberia natural resources.

Liberia have many different resources like iron ore, timber , diamond,gold and hydropower as some of there natural resource in Liberia.

This is timber one of many of Liberia natural resource.

The gold in Liberia is a big thing just as the hydropower.

This picture show you what iron ore look like.

This is iron ore that is also find in Liberia.

This picutre show you what it started with.

This is the beginning of the hydropower in Liberia. They started to build in 1966 on the first hydropower they had. But over the years they started to change the plant. Then they closed the hydropower about 25 years. Today things change and there president open it.

This video is showing you Liberia opening back the hydropower.

This women is showing you one way they do and showing her culture group and the untied states flag.

In the Liberia ethnicities is the culture group. In this ethnic groups there is 16 different indigenous languages.

This show the difference clothes there wearing. The two different region in Liberia.

Liberia do many holiday as we do in United States. There is slot of festival in Liberia where they were the custom in the picture above this.

A family all ready to head to church in the morning.

The two big region in Liberia is Christianity and Muslim. With these two region it divided the state into two different regions. The why they both pray is very different.

Showing what government it has.

Liberia government is run by a republic.

President Ellen Johnson sir lead si known as Africa's Iron Lady. Also 85% of Liberia is unemployment. An there a population of 4,299,944 in Liberia.

The theme of human environment interaction

The meaning of human environment interaction is ways people change their environment and how the environment change them.

This women is picking up some crops that she just planted.

In Liberia they grow rice,timber,rubber,coconut and palms as the crops they grow.

These photos are people growing and getting the crops that they have grew.

Mining and manufacturing also farming on your land are jobs that everyday Liberia do for a living.

Thefiret picture is a mining field and the second picture is a manufacturing place. The last picture is women in the fields farming.
These three animals are on the top of the endangered list in Liberia.

There many animal that are in danger of endangered. There many environmental problem that are making animals living there hard to live.

The first picture show you the deforestation of forest. Also what sign were going around Liberia . This picture show you how close there and how the pollution.

The is a problem of deforestation of forest in Liberia where a lot of animal have no where to go. Also there was a problem of sanitation only one out 25 people in Liberia had a toilet. But that has change over time there is not four different builds with restroom in them. There is also a problem with the pollution in Monrovia where people were throwing trash into the river next to there house. Now that is changing slow but it cause many problem trying to change this.

The region in Liberia and the education system

The theme of region is uniform physical or human characteristic.

Student sitting in there chairs and listening to there schoool teacher during class.

In Liberia there education is primary and secondary education is free and compulsory from the ages of 5-16 . Also girls don't go to school for a long time they go from the age 5-16. But for boys they start at the same age but go for 10 to 11 years of school. Girl go to school for a average of 8 years.

This is the over view of a neighborhood in Liberia.

The total population in Liberia is 4.294 million people. The population density is 45.65

This is one of the streets in the capital of Liberia.

The area of Liberia in square miles is 43,000 mi^2. Also the capital GDP is 454.34 USD.

This is one more street in lierbia showing how pact there are from each other.
The left picture is women all hangout next to each other. In the right picture are men working at there jobs for the day.

The life expectancy for male and female in Liberia. Men life expectancy is 60 years old. On the other hand female live up to 63 years old in Liberia.

This a women writing down stuff taking class and taking care of her baby at the same time.

The literacy rate in Liberia the total youth is 54.47% males 64.66% and female 43.97% in that total. The total for adults 47.6% over all male 62.42% and females 32.81% of the total.

This picture is one of the streets in Liberia where people can shop and look around.

Liberia is located in west Africa.

The theme of movement is humans interaction on the earth.
These are three of the imported goods in Liberia.

Machinery , transportation equipment , fuel, chemicals, manufactured good ,food , foreign aid are some of Liberia imported good there.

These five things are the most exported goods I Liberia.

Iron ore, passenger and Fargo ship, rubber ,rough wood , coca beans are some of what Liberia exports from other country around the world.

This picture above is showing the flag of Liberia.

Liberia flag looks a lot like the United States flag. The only thing different instead of having 50 states on the blue part of the flag there is onl one big start right in the middle of the blue part of the flag.

This flag show the freed America and ex carivean offspring freedom.

Liberia was first under the power of Britain the America colonization was just first starting out. They though that paying a countrie from west Africa would help them out with other countries. Reverend jehundi ash man start the move for freedom and not be under Britain power even though America colonization. Liberia gain there independence in July 26, 1847.

The technology in Liberia has change a lot over the years. Now, there mobile phone ,computers,satellite communications,the internet and social media. There more open source software , ACE submarine optical fiber cable and cloud computing.

The transportation in Liberia is by a car or taxis or buses that just some way people get around Liberia. The commutation in Liberia is by there mobile phone or radio or computer.

A woman of the year in Liberia fighting Ebola.
This is the nurse that was trying to help out.

This women above was a survivor of Ebola her and husbands are Ebola free. She was even in time of a person of the year. She was also helping people get Ebola free just as her. But late February she die after giving birth to her fourth kid a baby boy.

These are men showing that they should ha e right in Liberia.

There also a problem with right for gays in Liberia. There new president running for the election said he doesn't believe that gays should have rights in liberia. Which other people think different.

Theses two picture are the festival they had in Liberia.

Why should someone poorest countrie in Africa because there many different things that are beautiful in there one ways. There many different festivals in Liberia where you can learn different ways as life and way they dance. There many vacations areas in Liberia there many beaches on Liberia because there are right next to Atlantic oceans. Even though it's the poorest countries they know the way of life and I don't need every experience to show you the fun liberia does.

These are men working the mining and women staying back and watching the kids and talking to each other.

The life of a teenage in Liberia is very different then the United States. The buys over in Liberia spend more time in school than girl there more like to help there farther in the mining and farm growing crops. The girl done go to school very much there more like staying home taking care of the house with there mother and taking care of there little siblings. By around the ages 14/15 years old girls are usually married and starting there family.


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