Aim:How can we learn about rocks? Do Now: List 3 different things you know about rocks.

Igneous Rock.

There are three different types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Igneous rocks are composed of melted rock that hardens and cools. A few examples include obsidian and pumice.

Obsidian Rock.

The second type of rock are called sedimentary and they're formed from material that is settled into layers. The layers are squeezed until they harden into rock. A few examples include limestone and sandstone.

Limestone Rock.

The third type of rocks are called metamorphic. These rocks are changed by heat and pressure. A few examples include slate and marble.

Slate Rock.

In groups of 3, identify the rocks in your table and write how they differ in your paper.

Hw#1: Make a graphic poster about igneous,sedimentary or metamorphic rocks. On the poster you will use pictures and words to share how the rocks are formed.


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