Advances in technology have caused a transition in ways people temporarily avoid reality through new sources of entertainment. Rather than relieving stress outdoors or working out, the advances have been coupled with increased accessibility of digital entertainment. People heavily rely on motion pictures to help relieve stress and provide a source of entertainment. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines entertainment as amusement or diversion provided especially by performers.

Because entertainment is assumed to induce happiness or amusement, I do not enjoy watching sad movies. Manchester by the Sea is my least favorite movie because it does not bring me the entertainment I am seeking when I watch a movie. The plot is depressing and lacks any sort of happiness.

Draft Day follows the hectic hours leading up to the draft and invites viewers into the life of the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. Viewers learn of the many conflicts he faces and the emotions that control him throughout the chaotic day. The movie keeps viewers minds occupied as they constantly are questioning the general manager's decisions. Ultimately, Draft Day brings amusement and diverts you from the stresses of reality in a pleasant way.

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