The Low Down on Practice Rounds!!! WHAT'S A PRACTICE ROUND ANYWAY?!?

With 2018 Registration in full swing, we've heard a lot of questions recently about practice rounds. Though this is not a new class at our studio, it may be new to a lot of our dance families who have never danced ballroom before, so here's the lowdown:

Practice Rounds are the best way for your child to retain what they learn. In their weekly Latin and Ballroom classes, they may be learning new choreography, techniques or even new basic figures. There is not enough time in the class to repeat the figures over and over again enough that it will enter into your child's muscle memory (where they don't have to think about it so hard anymore). This is where PRACTICE ROUNDS come in! It is a guided 1 HOUR long practice where students get to drill what they were learning in class all week over and over again. Plus their teachers are there in case they need any help remembering what to practice!

Think of it like giving your child piano lessons, then not allowing them to practice.....pretty hard to memorize that Beethoven piece, right? Well ballroom works the same way!

Practice Rounds are where we do a lot of the work required to go from this.....

To THIS!!!

SO REMEMBER! PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS! If you're ready to help your kiddo make progress, be sure to register for our practice rounds the next time you are in the studio! They are held every Saturday at 9AM!

9450 7th Street, Suite M.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

909-713-6726 www.SteppinOutBallroomDance.com


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