Star Board - Term Two Week Six St Matthew's Collegiate School Weekly News

Principal's Message

Kia Ora Koutou

Life happens. Sometimes what happens in life is ‘crap’. How one deals with the crappy things can make you stronger, but sometimes if it is relentless it can wear you down. Bullying is a curse and I would be telling you lies if I said it does not exist- it does. So what do you do? Tell someone. I cannot deal with stuff if I do not know, none of us can. There is a line of ‘telling’ and along that line people put things in place but sometimes despite the best efforts those interventions do not work. What stops students telling? Fear of retribution more often than not. But as I said to one student recently- you can tell and deal with the immediacy of that because that will end, or you can continue to live everyday afraid- which is better? She chose the former.

Basically- do we deal with Bullying? Yes- when you tell us. Our students also need to be brave enough to tell, and they also need to be brave enough to tell bullies to cut it out. Doing nothing tells bullies it is okay, gives them power they do not deserve. Dealing with bullies is not always about punishing either- it is about understanding what is right and appropriate because we all have to walk this planet together but that does not mean it has to be on the same side of the road all the time or holding hands.

Who is the coolest person you know? How about aiming to be the best person. Anyone can seem cool. Wear the right clothes, drive the right cars, take the right vacations, carefully craft social media updates ... Seeming cool is easy.

Actually, being cool is anything but. I am not cool. (I am as average as they come.) But I do know some cool people. Here are some things that make them cool.

Cool people do nice things, just because they can. Cool people do not think they are cool.

Social media makes it easy to do your own public relations. You can blow your own horn, bask in the glow of your insights and accomplishments ... With a little time and effort, you can seem larger than life.

Cool people do not. They know their success is based on hard work, persistence, and execution, but they also recognize that key mentors, great employees, and a huge dose of luck also play a part in their success.

That is why they are humble. That is why they ask questions. That is why they seek advice. That is why they recognize and praise others.

They do not focus on highlighting how far they have come -- because they're too busy thinking about how far they still want to go.

Cool people know ‘You’ are your business. Your business is your life, just like your life is your business -- which is also true for family, friends, and interests -- so there is no separation, because all those things make you who you are.

Most of us are nice, especially when we are expected to be. Cool people are nice even when no one would expect them to be. Not because they have to. Just because they can.

Cool people find happiness in the success of other people. Every great entrepreneur answers the question, "Can you make the choice that your happiness will come from the success of others?" with a resounding "Yes! ‘- So does every cool person I know. They enjoy personal achievements, but they really enjoy seeing other people succeed.

Have a safe weekend.

Ngā Mihi


Rock Quest

Congratulations to Chelsea Hawkes (Year 11) and Charlie Matthews (Year 12) for their song 'Smooth Sailing' entered in this year's Rock Quest. This won best lyrics overall at this event (pictured above).

Sheila Winn National Shakespeare Finals

Congratulations to the Senior College team who competed at the National Finals in Wellington this weekend. Between Thursday and Monday the students attended a number of workshops and performing scenes. A great experience for all.

From left: Corrin Prince, Jen Nightingale, Francesca Domanski, Andrew Bate, William Smallwood, Teagan Abbott and Lucas Abbott

Whanganui Collegiate Fixture

On Tuesday we welcomed teams from Whanganui Collegiate to St Matthew's for our annual fixture. The results are as follows:

Junior A Netball 23-20 SMS

Senior A Netball 44-26 Collegiate

Junior Hockey 4-3 SMS

First XI Hockey 2-1 SMS

First XI Football 3-1 SMS

Many thanks to Rachel Shearing, Maureen Ingham and Emily Draper for their organisation of this event.

Viva Reunion

Last weekend a choir reunion was held to coincide with the reunion of other years. Mrs van Deventer really wanted to bring the students of the last 20 years together and 45 members joined the current Viva Camerata on stage.

From top left: Viva perform at the reunions, Alex Buchanan, Lucy France, Anna Bebbington and the full reunion choir led by Mrs Kiewiet van Deventer. Mrs Ruth Eckford is accompanying on piano.

Big Sing Wellington

On Wednesday 9 June, Viva Camerata travelled down to Wellington to take part in the Regional Big Sing festival. They performed extremely well and as a former Viva member said, “It was awesome to see them so engaged in their performances.” At the end of the Gala concert they were awarded the Dorothy Buchanan Cup for the Best Performance of ‘Other styles’. Over the country, 250 choirs on average take part and only 24 are selected to be part of the National Big Sing Finale. In 2019 a 2nd tier called Cadenza was instituted. The announcement of who has been selected will be announced on 28 June.

Members of Viva celebrate with their trophy.

Squash Update

Martinborough Open

Womens Division 4

Olivia Kirkup- Winner

Ella Kirkup- Runner up (second)

Hutt Valley Junior Open

Womens Division One

Claudia Hawkes- winner

Chelsea Hawkes- Runner up (second)

Womens Division Two

Christina Kirkup- winner

Sophie Sweeny- Runner up (second)

It was a great weekend of squash, with great results from all the girls. They are going to continue competing in tournaments together and will be organising trainings in Martinbourgh, and team bonding activities as well. This is preparation for the National Secondary Schools Squash Championsips.

School Notices

Mufti Day

We will be holding a Mufti Day next Friday 18 June. This is to celebrate Pride Week. The theme is 'Most Expressive Outfit'. There will also be a bakesale. No money needs to be brought to school, however we are asking the girls to bring in a item for the Food Bank.

Health Year 7-10:

As part of our Junior health puberty unit, Mrs Harper and Mrs Schaefer explore the various options avaliable to girls for managing their menstrual cycle. As we know everyone is different, and girls are taught about all options so they can make informed decisions about what suits them, their lifestyle and their beliefs.

Part of a growing trend in young girls has seen the rise and development of period proof underwear. The teachers have been able to get a 15% discount with the company AWWA The Label. They are a NZ company who sell period proof underwear and swimwear. We have samples that the girls are able to see in class to find out what the underwear and togs are all about and how they work.

To use the 15% discount:

Once at the checkout enter: STMATTHEWS

Follow the link below to find out more about this sustainable option.


Term Two is an important time for our reporting cycle. Teachers from now until Week 7 are gathering information to put into the system. In Week 9, all girls will be interviewed by their Whanau Teacher/s. This is an academic and pastoral interview for Whanau Teachers to check in with their girls, and help them set goals for the rest of the year. The girls will spend all day with their Whanau class, and have work from classes they would've had that day. The date for Whanau interviews is Friday 2 July.

At the beginning of Term Three, parents will have the chance to meet with subject teachers again to discuss their daughter's progress. Details for these interviews will be published closer to the time.

School Gate

We have the familiar problem of congestion at our gate at the end of the day. Please avoid driving into the school grounds, unless you are picking up your daughter from the Boarding House.

There is also an increasing number of parents parking on the yellow lines to the left of the gate. This restricts the vision of those turning left into Pownall Street, causing them to have to turn wide to avoid a car parked on the yellow line, making this dangerous for oncoming traffic. We really need your cooperation on this issue.

Coming Up on the Calendar......

Term Two - Week Seven

Monday 14 June - Languages Week, Whanau Time, Junior Production Rehearsal, Viva Rehearsal

Tuesday 15 June - Cooper House Chapel

Wednesday 16 June - Languages Assembly, Wairarapa Primary Cross-Country, Year 13 Agribusiness Trip, Orchestra, Culture Group Rehearsal, Youth Group

Thursday 17 June - Junior Chapel, Big Sing Palmerston North, Year 12 Agribusiness Trip

Friday 18 June - Pride Week Mufti Day, School Singing Practice, Year 9 Trip to Zealandia, Jazz Band, Whanau Time

Term Two - Week Eight

Monday 21 June - Pride Week (SMS), Whanau Time, Junior Production Rehearsal, Viva Rehearsal

Tuesday 22 June - Batten House Chapel

Wednesday 23 June - Assembly, Orchestra, Culture Group Rehearsals, Viva Rehearsal, Youth Group

Thursday 24 June - Junior Chapel, Co-ed Thursday Activities

Friday 25 June - Whanau Time, Jazz Band, World Vision Challenge Weekend,

Community Events