Japan Society Poster By: Maliha Richards


It means the "way of gods". This is a belief where rocks, trees, plants, etc., are home to divine spirits

Chinese Influence on Japan

Since China was right next doOr to Japan they influenced their writing, arts, agriculture, and GOVERNMENT greatly. They also hellp comBine Buddhism with traditionAl Shinto rituals

Yamato Clan

A clan in central Japan was the most powerful in the 400s. The people were allegedly descendants of the sun goddess

Prince Shotoku

He was very intresTed in Chinese culture. He sent JAPANESE artist and scholars to china to study their soceity

Shotoku Spreads Buddhism

Shotoku was Buddhist and heled Buddhism spRead in Japan. EvEn thoUgh it challanged shiNto they eventually accepted it, but they shaped to their traditions

Japan Society Poster

By: Maliha Richard


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