Personal Brand Statement Chiao Liu (Sabrina)

Chiao Liu (as known as Sabrina) is a current undergraduate student in QUT. She speaks fluent Mandarin and English and has experienced studying overseas for 2 and half years in the UK in an international school. This experience has allowed her making international friends, learning different cultures and more importantly, developed her critical thinking skills to global issues. In her high school life, she has completed a 4000 words extended essay on the topic of treatments for depression due to a huge interest in psychology; several research reports in multiple subjects such as mathematics, psychology, business management and environmental studies have been done in the past as well. This has provided her developing her skills of writing and gaining knowledge in different areas. Sabrina also had volunteered in a Buddhist organization for a month in 2015 not only purposing to follow her religion but also to achieve her passion of helping people who are in need.

Sabrina is an observant person; this habit has followed her since when she was young which makes her value sympathy as a big part when it comes to working with others. Being considerate and able to understand others’ emotions allows her to analyse a situation in different perspectives, thus to carry out the most suitable solutions to crisis. Sabrina is capable to perform well either working in groups or independently thanks to plentiful experience in the past. When it comes to group work and discussion, she is collaborative, flexible and can be the mediator in between. No matter in what sort of situation, Sabrina has a strong sense of responsibility for her job because she believes that it is the key to success. She respects people and values honesty highly in any aspect, telling truth is always the only way to solve difficulties. However, Sabrina is still working hard on being more active and building confidence, which is caused by over thinking on everything. In addition, determination is what she has learnt in her academic life as she is growing elder

In the future, Sabrina has a real passion of being a media planner or producer, she loves creating new things and send messages in entertaining ways. She would like to start from the basics in an organization. She believes that a solid foundation is the essential of any position. If there is a chance, she would like to do internships as much as possible as long as it is balanced with study life, because learning from experience and reality is more particle and improves communication skills which is extremely important to relationships. At last, she will set multiple yet achievable goals for herself and pursues accomplishing them step by step in order to succeed in life.

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