How to Build My Bridge Morgan evans


  1. Elmers glue- 1 bottle
  2. 200 popsicle sticks
  3. Small box of paper clips
  4. Newspaper
  5. 5 empty plastic water bottles
  6. 3-4 smaller rubber bands

4 Baselines

  1. Set down some newspaper on your flat service your using to build your bridge. This will prevent glue from getting on your table or whatever your using.
  2. Grab a yard stick and mark the 35 inch spot. If you don't have a yard stick you can use a tape measure and mark the 35 inch spot. This is how long your bridge will be.
  3. First, line up the popsicle sticks end to end in a straight line from 0-35 inches.
  4. When you start to glue them together, make sure you alternate the sticks with one on bottom, then one on top, and then one on bottom again. Use about a drop of glue for each stick you glue together, you only need a little bit. Gently squeeze the glue out of the bottle with your hands while glueing.
  5. While you glue the sticks together, place a paper clip in the spot where you placed the glue. Do this like your paper clipping papers together, you slide it on so it opens up and then push is all the way on and make sure it's sturdy. This will help keep your stick from shifting while you continue down the line glueing and paper clipping.
  6. Keeping the popsicle sticks along the edge of the yard stick will help keep them in a straight line and will make it easier in later stages.
  7. Once you have finished glueing the sticks together, the line should be around 35 inches long. You should have used about 10 sticks.
  8. Let the glue dry and while it's drying leave the paper clips on so they don't shift.
  9. Once the glue dries completely, remove the paper clips.
  10. There should be a pattern of sticks going up, down, up, and down. Now you should be able to see that there's a popsicle stick sticking up above the rest every other stick.
  11. Under the stick that is layered up above the rest of them place another stick there and glue it down and place paper clips. Now it should look like 1 stick, then 2, then 1, then 2. You should have added about 6 sticks to the line.
  12. Repeat these steps 3 more times.


  1. Take 2 of the baseline sticks and lay them on a table horizontaly about 4-5 inches apart or about a popsicle length apart. They should be lined up evenly spaced and evenly length wise, like this =
  2. Now connect the 2 pieces together by glueing on 2 sticks. On the very right side, where the lines end and are lined up evenly, add 2 drops of glue. One drop goes on the upper stick and one goes on the lower. After you add the glue, just push on the Popsicle stick and add your paper clips to both ends.
  3. Repeat to the left side of the almost connected lines of sticks.
  4. You should now be looking at a big rectangle.
  5. Now add triangles. What you should do is take 2 popsicle sticks and glue them to where it looks like there's triangles. Move the sticks to a 60 degree angle and put them towards each other. Like this /\
  6. Add the first triangle at the very left side with the
  7. The bottoms of the triangles should be the baseline
  8. Space 4 more triangles out evenly throughout the big rectangle
  9. Glue and paper clip the sticks and set them somewhere where they can dry.
  10. Next, in between each triangle you made, set a verticle stick down and glue it to the other sticks behind it. Paper clip and set aside to dry. This should take about 4 sticks.
  11. Now your done making one side of your bridge. Repeat to the remaining baselines.

Top and Bottom

  1. To connect the 2 sides that you now have finished, you first need to make them stand up by themselves. This will help later because the water bottles and rubber bands will act as an extra hand, holding the sides in frame.
  2. Take your 5 empty water bottles and set them, standing up, inbetween your 2 sides.
  3. Next, take your 3-4 rubber bands and place them inbetween the water bottles and stretch them around the 2 sides. This step should make your 2 sides hold up together on there own. Like the picture above. This might be difficult if your rubber bands are too small because you have to take one rubber band to the middle and over some of the water bottles.
  4. Once your water bottles are in place and your rubber bands are holding the sides together, you can begin on connecting the top of the bridge.
  5. You will need 25 popsicle sticks for this. Begin by placeing the sticks on the top. All you neeed to do is use all 25 popsicle sticks and place them spread out evenly. Glue them where ever you feel but not right next to each other. This will be difficult because some times the sticks will move and so will the glue. Be patient and once your done placeing and glueing the 25 sticks let them dry over night.
  1. The top should look something like this, maybe a little different.
  2. After the glue drys, remove the water bottles and rubber bands. It's easier to just cut the rubber bands out because some of them might have gotten glued over. The water bottles you can just pull/slide out the other side of your bridge.
  3. Once the rubber bands/ water bottles are out, you can do the bottom. Take 25 more popsicle sticks and repeat what you did to the top.
  4. Let the glue dry over night again and you should be finished with your bridge.


Created with images by RDECOM - "Commentary: Say good-bye to GEMS 2010"

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